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Airbus 318-100.

The Airbus A318-100 is a single aisle, twin-engine jet manufactured by Airbus Industrie, the European consortium. It is the smallest member of the Airbus A320 family and thanks to its steep approach compatibility, can fly longhaul from London City airport. The A318 retains much commonality with the rest of the A320 family, including the advanced flightdeck with side stick controllers and fly-by-wire flight controls, allowing pilots that fly the Airbus A320 family aircraft to fly the A318.

The A318 has a passenger capacity of 107 in a two-class configuration, however, British Airways operates the aircraft with just 32 seats across the Atlantic.

Customer benefits include:

  • All business class cabin
  • Onboard passenger communication system 
  • Lowest CO2 emissions per seat in its class

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Technical information

Airbus A318-100
Number in fleet 1
Passenger capacity 32 (1 class)
Length 31.4m (103 feet 2 inches)
Wingspan 34.1m (111 feet 11 inches)
Height 12.6m (41 feet 2 inches)
Engines 2× CFM International CFM56-5
Maximum speed 871km/h (537mph, Mach 0.82)
Range 5,700km (3,600 miles)

Seating plans

This is the seating layout for the Airbus A318-100:

Airbus A318-100 layout

Did you know?

The Airbus A318 is 6 metres shorter and 14 tonnes lighter than the A320. To compensate, it has a larger vertical stabilizer, making it 80 centimetres taller than the other A320 variants.

Where does the A318-100 fly?

The aircraft operates on a variety of routes, including:

Please note: the aircraft may vary for operational reasons.