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Credit services

In order to open a customer account with British Airways, you must satisfy each of these criteria:

  • Your company must have a Limited or PLC status
  • Your company must have a UK address and must be registered with Companies House
  • The minimum amount of trading with British Airways for a credit account to be opened in the UK is £40,000 per annum (equivalent to approx £3,500 per month)
  • All payments to British Airways are to be made by bank transfer
  • You agree to the standard credit terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for a commercial company
Terms and conditions for an airline

In order to apply for credit facilities you will need to complete this credit application form (pdf, 275kb, English only) and return it to the address below. Please ensure that the form is completed in full and signed to avoid delays in the processing of your application.

Please send the completed form to:

British Airways
Receivables Services
Waterside (HDB1)
PO Box 365
Harmondsworth, Middlesex

Please retain a copy of the relevant credit terms and conditions for your reference.

Signing the credit application form implies that you agree to the terms and conditions of credit with British Airways.

collapsedshowCargo and Courier companies

Cargo and Courier accounts are now settled through CASS (IATA Cargo Accounts Settlement System).

Before your company can be considered for credit it must obtain CASS membership.

If your company is already a CASS member you will simply need to complete the British Airways credit application form above quoting your CASS membership number(s). Please note that you will need separate CASS numbers for Import, Export and Courier business.

If your company is not already a member of CASS you will need to complete the CASS Agreement (two copies), the CASS Questionnaire and the British Airways credit application form above.

Please contact CASS directly to obtain the forms for completion relating to Import, Export or Courier business:

Please note that it takes, on average, 30 days to obtain membership of CASS.

Where to send the forms:

British Airways
Receivables Services
Waterside (HDB1)
PO Box 365
Harmondsworth, Middlesex

What happens next?

On receipt of your application form we will assess the creditworthiness of your company using information supplied by a credit rating agency. We will contact you as soon as a decision has been reached on whether to offer credit facilities.

For information on the progress of your application or any other information you can contact us on:

collapsedshowPassenger credit accounts

We offer the British Airways AirPlus company account in conjunction with AirPlus International who are leaders in the field of corporate travel payment and management. For more information on this product please visit AirPlus International or contact the company by:

collapsedshowOverseas companies

You must contact your local British Airways office for further information about how to apply for credit and to obtain the relevant local application form. Please visit for local office contact details.