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Save with Avios part payment

Man jumping over mountains on a sunny day.
  • Cut the cost of British Airways flights using Avios.
  • Save using Avios on American Airlines direct flights to and from the UK and North America.
  • Choose from a range of savings, starting from CAD 16 for just 1,250 Avios.
  • Collect Avios and Tier Points on all your bookings.

How much can you save

collapsedshowTravelling in World Traveller - long haul
Avios amount required Saving per person
2,500 CAD 32
4,000 CAD 48
7,000 CAD 80
11,500 CAD 128
17,000 CAD 176
33,000 CAD 288
collapsedshowTravelling in World Traveller Plus - long haul
Avios amount required Saving per person
5,500 CAD 64
8,500 CAD 96
11,500 CAD 128
16,500 CAD 176
24,000 CAD 240
40,000 CAD 352
collapsedshowTravelling in Club World - long haul
Avios amount required Saving per person
8,000 CAD 96
11,000 CAD 128
16,000 CAD 176
21,500 CAD 224
29,000 CAD 288
45,500 CAD 400
collapsedshowTravelling in First - long haul
Avios amount required Saving per person
11,000 CAD 128
14,000 CAD 160
18,500 CAD 208
25,500 CAD 272
35,500 CAD 352
55,000 CAD 480

Getting started

To start saving on flights using Avios, you just need to be a Member of our Executive Club. If you're not already a Member, it's free to sign up. As well as collecting Avios, you'll also have access to a range of exclusive offers and promotions.

Sign up now

How it works

1. Log in to your Executive Club account and search for flights.

2. Look for your part payment options on the price page once you’ve selected your flights.


Illustration of the Avios part payment options available when selecting a flight.


  • You’ll see the options automatically on any eligible flight.
  • Part payment is available across the British Airways network.
  • Your price options will vary depending on your chosen travel class, destination and number of people in the booking. The savings on offer start from £5/$7.5/€6 for just 625 Avios per person one way.

3. Select the saving you’d like to make on your flights. The price of your flights will adjust automatically. If you didn’t log in to begin with there’s another chance to do so now.

4. Continue as usual to complete your booking.

See the Terms and Conditions for details

Upgrades, changes and cancellations

Like any regular cash booking, your options for upgrading, changing or cancelling a flight bought with part payment will depend on the fare type. Visit Manage My Booking to check the change and cancellation options for a booking.

Manage My Booking