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Reserving your seat in advance

Seats in World Traveller.

We recommend that you reserve your seat as early as possible to get the one you want and to avoid sitting separately from your family or friends.

You may be able to reserve seats for free or have to pay, depending on your circumstances. The easiest way to check is using Manage My Booking.

Nervous flyer?

Did you know that if you sit near the centre of the plane, you don't feel the effects of turbulence as much? Turbulence is quite normal during a flight, but it can leave some people feeling anxious.

Reserve your seat early, near the centre of the plane, for a more comfortable flight.

Economy prices

Euro Traveller from £7, World Traveller from £20

Business class prices

Club Europe from £20, Club World from £55

Reserve your seat in Manage My Booking

Do I have to pay?

Whether seat selection is free or costs extra depends on a number of factors, including the type of ticket you purchase, your class of travel and your personal circumstances.

If you haven’t reserved your seat before check-in opens (24 hours before departure) you can choose your seat for free except with a Basic ticket.

With a Basic ticket (economy, hand baggage only), you can either pay to reserve your seat from the moment you book until check-in opens, or we’ll allocate you a seat when check-in opens. You can pay to change to a different seat, although your choice may be limited.

Please check if you fall into one of the following groups, some of which are able to reserve seats for free.

collapsedshowTravelling in First

Seats in our First cabin are always free to reserve from the time of booking.

collapsedshowExecutive Club Members

Members of the Executive Club and other oneworld frequent flyers are able to reserve seats at different stages, depending on their tier.

Tier Seat selection
Gold/oneworld Emerald Free seat selection from the time of booking
for everyone in your booking and friends and family on other bookings, who are travelling with you in the same travel class and on the same flight*.
Silver/oneworld Sapphire Free seat selection from the time of booking
for everyone in your booking*.
Bronze/oneworld Ruby Free seat selection from seven days before departure
for everyone in your booking*.
*You must be travelling on the booking (or in the case of Gold Members, one of the bookings) for these benefits to apply. They apply to British Airways flights only and are not available on Basic (hand baggage only) fares or group rate bookings. Exit row seats are not available to Silver or Bronze Members on long haul flights until 24 hours before departure. On some occasions, exit rows seats on short haul flights may not be available in advance due to operational reasons.

collapsedshowFlexible and semi-flexible tickets

Tickets with increased flexibility allow you to make certain changes to the date and time of your flight. They also include free seat selection:

  • Flexible fares, including Fully Flex, Plus Flex and Business UK allow you to reserve seats for free from the time of booking.
  • Semi-flexible fares, including Semi-flex and Plus allow you to reserve seats for free from 48 hours before departure.

You choose your flexibility when you buy your flights. If you’re not sure what type of ticket you have, you can follow the instructions under 'How to reserve your seat' and we'll tell you whether you have to pay or not.

collapsedshowMake sure your family sits together

To get the best choice of seats and make sure your family sits together, it’s best to reserve your seats in advance, for which you might have to pay.

If you don’t reserve your seats in advance, we’ll do our best to seat your family together a few days before your flight departs. However, the seat selection may be limited at that time and your seats may be split across different rows or the aisle. We will make sure each child under 12 years sits next to an adult from your booking but children over 12 years are booked as an adult in our system and may sit separately.

Seats are free when you travel with an infant, (under 2 years) who won't be travelling in a seat of their own. You can choose a seat for you and everyone in your booking, free of charge, as soon as you've made your booking (except for bookings of over 9 people).

collapsedshowDisability assistance

There's no charge for reserving your seat if you have a specific seating requirement because of your disability. In most cases, you can select your seat using Manage My Booking but sometimes you may need to contact us, e.g. for some types of developmental impairment.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Book your flight.
  2. Let us know about your travel needs at least 48 hours before your flight departs. Go to Manage My Booking and click on 'Seating' within the flight details section.
  3. Select your seat. If you need any help, please contact us.

Find out about disability assistance

collapsedshowGroups of more than nine people

When you travel as a group, we’ll allocate your seats free of charge. While we will try to seat your group together, we cannot always guarantee it, particularly if your group travel is split across separate bookings.
To ensure your group is seated together, or if you would like specific seats, you can pay to reserve your seats in advance (for groups booked in the UK and Ireland only). Please contact us for more information.

How much will it cost?

collapsedshowEconomy (World Traveller, Euro Traveller, UK Domestic)
  • For extra legroom, exit row seats are available on longer international flights in World Traveller starting from £40/€44/$60. You will have to meet certain safety requirements to sit in an exit row seat.
  • Twin seats are available on selected longer international flights in World Traveller starting from £35/€42/$53 per seat.
  • Standard seats on our UK domestic and European flights start from £5/€6/$8 in Euro Traveller, and on longer international flights from £13/€16/$20 in World Traveller.

Bulkhead seats are usually reserved for customers travelling with an infant (under 2 years) as this is where the fold-down cot tables are positioned, so you may not be able to reserve these seats.

View seat maps

collapsedshowPremium economy (World Traveller Plus)
  • For extra legroom, exit rows seats are available on longer international flights in World Traveller Plus starting from £45/€54/$68. You will have to meet certain safety requirements to sit in an exit row seat.
  • Standard seats in World Traveller Plus start from £23/€28/$35.

Bulkhead seats are usually reserved for customers travelling with an infant (under 2 years) as this is where the fold-down cot tables are positioned, so you may not be able to reserve these seats.

View seat maps

collapsedshowBusiness (Club World, Club Europe)
  • Seats on our short haul flights in Club Europe start from £14/€17/$21.
  • On longer international flights, seats in Club World start from £62/€74/$93.

View seat maps

collapsedshowChanges and refunds

Sometimes we may need to change reserved seats, even after you have boarded the aircraft. Although we will do all possible to prevent this, it might be unavoidable for a number of reasons including a change of aircraft due to operational, safety or security reasons, so we cannot guarantee your reserved seat.

If you’ve paid to reserve a seat, and we're unable to offer you that seat or a suitable alternative when you board your flight, you can claim a refund.

Booking an extra seat for additional personal space

You can buy an extra ticket to keep the seat next to you free, e.g. for additional personal space or to secure a fragile or precious item, such as a musical instrument or painting.

collapsedshowAdditional personal space and safety

You will need to buy an additional seat:

  • If you're travelling in economy and believe you will be unable to fasten your seatbelt for take-off, landing or if there's turbulence during your flight, or
  • if you need to fully lower both armrests during take-off and landing.

We can also provide an extension seatbelt if required. You will be unable to sit in a bulkhead or exit row seat if you need an extra seat.

collapsedshowExtra seat for an item

The item must be within the size and weight limits to be carried in the cabin, otherwise it will need to be checked into the hold.

collapsedshowHow to book
  • Please contact us (or your travel agent) to make a booking for an extra seat as this type of booking cannot be made online.
  • If you arrive at the airport and haven't booked an extra seat in advance, please speak to a British Airways representative. If there are seats available in the cabin you are travelling in, you may be able to buy an extra seat.
collapsedshowSeat dimensions and information
Travel class Seat dimensions (width) Armrests
World Traveller (long haul) 17” to 18”/43 to 45cm All armrests lift but can't be positioned completely flat against the seat back.
Euro Traveller (short haul)/UK Domestic 17"/43cm All armrests lift fully so two seats to be used together.
Premium economy:
World Traveller Plus (long haul only) 18.5"/46cm Armrests don't lift with the exception of some aisle seats for customers requiring disability or mobility assistance.
Business and First:
Club Europe (short haul) 17"/43cm Armrests don’t lift. All seats are divided by a fixed width centre console which creates a gap between the two seats.
Club World (long haul) 19 to 20.5”/48 to 52cm Armrests don’t lift as the seats are contoured individual units, which can't be widened/changed.
First 22"/55cm Armrests don’t lift as seats are contoured individual units, which can't be widened/changed.

Reserving seats with our partner airlines

If you make a booking on or by calling a British Airways customer centre for a flight operated by American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia or Qantas, you can reserve your seats in Manage My Booking.

If you’re flying with one of our oneworld alliance partners and are an Executive Club Gold/oneworld Emerald member, a Silver/Sapphire member, or a Bronze/Ruby member, you can contact your local British Airways customer centre to reserve a seat for that flight.

In all other cases when you're flying with one of our partner airlines, please contact them directly to reserve your seat.

If you paid to reserve a seat on a flight operated by any of our partner airlines and would like to get a refund, please contact them directly.