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Last month we asked you to vote on your favourite Skyflyers' TV show

You chose: Horrible Histories

A group of British comedians show the sides of history they don't teach you in school.

This month we would like you to vote on your favourite classic blockbuster film!

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This Old Dog - Mac DeMarco

Discover the audible delights of Mac DeMarco with the Canadian singer-songwriter's third album, playing on board.

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BBC - Desert Island Discs

Kirsty Young hosts as we discover what records, book and luxury item our castaways will take to their island with them.

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October 2017

The New High Life Entertainment

Discover more about your inflight entertainment on board with us We've refreshed our High Life Entertainment pages, making it even easier to browse the wide selection of...

October 2017
Box Sets

Immerse yourself and get caught up with the most talked about series' on television. Everyone has their own way of watching box sets - there are those that like to dabble across...

October 2017
Comedy of Errors

The month it's comedy of errors season with an array of hilarious, laugh-out-loud dramadys playing on-board. The House stars two of Hollywood's funniest actors Will Ferrell...

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