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Violin in it's case with red interior lining

Flamenco guitar, flugelhorn or full orchestra, there’s plenty of space for your beautiful instruments. 

If your instrument fits in your baggage allowance, it’s free. If you’ve already used your free checked baggage allowance, you may have to pay to put it in the hold.

We know how precious your musical instrument is to you. We recommend that you pack it in a rigid protective case whether it is travelling in the cabin or the hold. We can’t accept instruments in soft cases, such as guitars, for carriage in the hold as we don’t want them to get damaged. 

It is important that you have adequate insurance for your musical instrument.

Travelling on other airlines

Baggage allowances and policies can vary by airline, even if you buy your flights through

Check your hand baggage allowance on American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways
and China Southern.

For other airlines, please refer to their websites or contact them directly.

Find out which airline you are flying with in Manage My Booking