Our extensive knowledge of all aspects of flying is destined to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Corporate entertainment


At British Airways Flight Training, we have fifteen full motion flight simulators. These multi-million pound simulators are used all day, every day, to train pilots from airlines all around the world.

Our Corporate Entertainment packages offer your staff and customers the opportunity to experience the flight of their lives. Take the controls and fly a state-of-the-art Boeing or Airbus simulator under the instruction of a British Airways pilot.

With real aircraft instruments, full motion, surround sound and stunning visuals, this is as real as it gets. Even if you don't know anything about flying, don't worry, our pilots will guide your guests through their experience from take-off to landing.

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Fly a flight simulator

Woman sitting in the cockpit of a flight simulator.

Our Flight Simulator Experience is the perfect opportunity for those people who want to experience the thrill of flying a commercial jet. A unique gift for the person who has everything.

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Flight safety awareness course

Slide Descent From An Airbus A320.

We are responsible for training 3,500 British Airways pilots and 14,000 cabin crew at our Heathrow-based training centre. With all this experience and expertise in every aspect of flight safety, we have developed a course for companies that are conscious of health and & safety and keeping their personnel safe when travelling.

The course is designed around a simulated aircraft emergency situation in a full-motion cabin simulator and includes a thorough debrief packed full of safety advice, information and techniques.

Your staff are given the opportunity to jump down evacuation slides, open aircraft doors and overwing exits, fit lifejackets and experience a smoke-filled environment with safety advice relevant to hotels.

It's an informative practical course which is loads of fun and a great chance to look after your team.

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