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Ferien mit BA
Erläuterung der Flugklasse

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Erläuterung der Flugklasse
Erklärung des Tickettyps

2 Erwachsene, 1 Zimmer

Erläuterung der Flugklasse
Erklärung des Tickettyps

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UK Domestic

Klasse für Inlandsflüge

We're improving our service on flights within the UK.

Until 31 March, British Airways flights within the UK will continue to operate a UK Domestic cabin. From 1 April, we're replacing UK Domestic with Euro Traveller (economy) and introducing Club Europe (business) to align with our short haul network.

Tickets are now only available for sale in the new cabins.

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Travelling until 31 March 2017

If you have a booking with us for travel up to 31 March, you will experience the UK Domestic cabin. Expect a fast, reliable service without compromising on quality:

  • generous free hand baggage allowance
  • checked baggage allowance included with Plus and Business UK fares
  • bequem gestaltete Ledersitze
  • auf den meisten Flügen kostenlose Zeitungen

Your benefits will vary depending on the fare you have booked (Basic, Plus or Business UK).

Summary of benefits by fare

Travelling from 1 April 2017

From 1 April, all flights within the UK will have the Euro Traveller (economy) and Club Europe (business) cabins.

If you have booked a UK Domestic flight for travel on or after 1 April, you don't need to worry, your flight will operate as planned. We will adjust your booking to reflect the new cabins and you can find it as usual in Manage My Booking.

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Fragen und Antworten

komprimiertanzeigenWhy are you introducing Club Europe to flights within the UK?

At the moment, the only part of our network you can’t book a business class seat on is our flights within the UK. We know many of our customers who connect between our short haul and long haul services prefer to travel in business class and we want to be able to offer them a consistent experience throughout their journey.

komprimiertanzeigenWhat is the difference between UK Domestic and Euro Traveller?

Both the UK Domestic and Euro Traveller economy cabins offer the same range of benefits in the Basic and Plus fares. What's new is that you can now take advantage of the Plus Flex fare that offers:

  • ability to choose your seat for free from the moment you book
  • more Avios and Tier Points than Basic and Plus
  • a full refund if you need to cancel your flight
komprimiertanzeigenWhat is the difference between Business UK and Club Europe?

Club Europe is our business class cabin whereas Business UK is a fare in the UK Domestic cabin.

You can now enjoy more benefits when travelling in Club Europe than previously with the Business UK fare:

  Business UK up to 31 March 2017 Club Europe from 1 April 2017
Two pieces of hand baggage
(1 handbag/laptop bag + 1 cabin bag)
Grüner Haken. Grüner Haken.
Freigrenze für aufgegebenes Gepäck 1 bag (max. 23kg) 2 bags (max. 32kg)
eigene Check-In Schalter From 3 hours before departure As soon as they open*
Fast Track Sicherheitskontrollen London Heathrow London Heathrow und London Gatwick
Access to departures lounges Grüner Haken. Grüner Haken.
Priorität beim Einsteigen Grüner Haken. Grüner Haken.
Personal space and privacy
Separate cabin at front of the plane; guaranteed window or aisle seat
Food and drinks on board   Enhanced complimentary food and drinks
Service on board   Dedicated cabin crew
Executive Club: Vorteile   More Avios and Tier Points - Calculate Avios and Tier Points
* Where available; desks open at 05:00 at London Heathrow and 04:00 at London Gatwick.
komprimiertanzeigenIs there a change to the Avios and Tier Points I can collect?

There is no change to the Avios and Tier Points you can collect in economy, but you will now be able to collect more Avios and Tier Points when travelling in Club Europe (as applicable to business class).

Calculate your Avios and Tier Points.

komprimiertanzeigenWhen can I book a Euro Traveller / Club Europe ticket?

All new bookings for flights within the UK are in Euro Traveller / Club Europe. Tickets are available to buy now for travel from 1 April 2017.

komprimiertanzeigenI'm travelling on/after 1 April. Do I need to request disability or mobility assistance again?

If you're travelling on or after 1 April and have already requested disability or mobility assistance for your journey, you don't need to contact us. We will make sure your request remains unchanged in the system.

If you require assistance but haven't requested it yet, please let us know at least 48 hours before your flight departs through Manage My Booking. This will help us liaise with the airport operator and other service providers to offer assistance.

More about disability or mobility assistance.


Wherever and whenever you fly UK Domestic until 31 March 2017 you can expect the same impeccable standards and warm service by our attentive crew, but some of the features and cabin elements may vary according to the time of your flight and the type of aircraft in use.