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Mild weather, mad locals, funny television programmes and ages of bloodthirsty history: that’s Britain in a nutty nutshell. Discover the land that produced both David Attenborough and the Daleks, where cities are buzzing, the beaches are plentiful, and 'the countryside is both quintessential and quirky. Book flights and holidays.

It’s the land of Dr Who and Harry Potter, tea, tradition and tolerance. England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland make up these patchwork islands. Britain might be leaving the EU, but it still welcomes visitors with open arms, a cup of tea, and a nice sit down. You can surf with seals and hike over heather clad moors. If the weather turns and you want to stay indoors, the Royal Family have left a legacy of castles and mansions. Traditional Britain has charmed the world, but are you prepared to see what it’s really like?

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