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Flights to Reykjavik

Welcome to the Land of Fire and Ice

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Unrivalled natural beauty, fascinating folklore and outstanding views of the Northern Lights make Iceland a bucket list destination. Its capital, Reykjavik, is lined with museums and impressive architecture, and it’s home to a great food scene. It's also perfectly positioned for ticking off the highlights of Iceland’s unique landscape.

Fly to Reykjavik with British Airways and see erupting geysers, natural hot spring pools and thundering waterfalls for yourself. Back in the city, learn about Reykjavik's history at the Saga Museum and Viking World, both dedicated to Iceland’s first settlers. You can journey to the top of the Hallgrímskirkja church for views across the city, and marvel at the award-winning architecture on the seafront. Enjoy a concert at the Harpa concert hall and take in the views from beside Sun Voyager, a sculpture dedicated to freedom and discovery. Book your holiday to Reykjavik today.

Reykjavik flight FAQs

How long is a flight to Reykjavik?

Your journey to Reykjavik includes a connecting flight departing from London. A flight from London to Reykjavik takes approximately three hours and 15 minutes.

What’s the cheapest month to fly to Reykjavik?

Autumn and spring are usually cheaper times of year to visit Reykjavik. Iceland has long been considered a winter destination, but in recent years, summer trips have become popular with tourists looking to experience the midnight sun.

Is Reykjavik cheap to visit?

With a clear budget, you can organise a really exciting trip to Reykjavik. Savings can often be made by booking in advance, and renting your own car will save on the cost of expensive coach trips. Swap a few of your meals at restaurants for supermarket alternatives and, if you’re visiting in the summer, it’s possible to camp in a designated campsite rather than staying in a hotel.

Is it easy to get around Reykjavik?

When you arrive at Keflavík Airport you can take a Flybus to the city centre. Visitors are able to book tickets for this in advance, and it’s one of the most affordable ways to reach Reykjavik. The coaches stop at lots of major spots in the city, so it’s worth checking to see if yours is on the list. You can also take a local bus or taxi. It’s really easy to get around Iceland with a car, so hire one with British Airways and you can pick it up from the airport when you arrive. You’ll enjoy great benefits, round-the-clock customer support, with all mandatory charges included, and you’ll collect Avios points on every rental

Why visit Reykjavik?

There’s nowhere else quite like Reykjavik. You can visit active volcanoes, paddle in the Blue Lagoon’s warm waters and party into the early hours all on the same day. Seafood lovers are spoilt for choice in the restaurants, while Iceland’s own twist on the humble hot dog has fans from as far away as Hollywood. In the summer, the days are endless thanks to the midnight sun – so you can travel the famous Golden Circle route to visit some of Iceland’s most impressive sights whenever you feel like it.

Why fly British Airways to Reykjavik?

Sie profitieren ab dem Moment der Buchung von unserem herausragenden Service. Wenn Sie nur mit Handgepäck fliegen, können Sie zwei Gepäckstücke kostenlos in der Kabine mitnehmen. Wenn Sie sich für unsere Option für aufgegebenes Gepäck entscheiden, können Sie mit Handgepäck und einem 23 kg schweren Gepäckstück reisen, das im Frachtraum aufgegeben wird. Außerdem können Sie 24 Stunden vor dem Flug kostenlos einen Sitzplatz auswählen. An Bord erhalten Sie HEPA-gefilterte Luft und hochwertige Bordverpflegung und erleben die einzigartige britische Höflichkeit.

Entspannen Sie sich einfach und lassen Sie sich von uns auf der gesamten Reise betreuen.

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