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A brilliant beach holiday

For Malaysian lazing, visit Langkawi. The main island is just a short flight from Kuala Lumpur. It has fantastic hotels on pristine beaches, with tropical rainforest just beyond. Come and enjoy the unspoilt diving and dry off in the shade under the coconut trees.

The jungle reaches right down to the sand and you’re always close to nature: monkeys in the trees, seahorses on the reefs and millions of bats in the caves. Enjoy local delicacies from the night markets before heading on to duty-free cocktails in the beach bars. Just a half-hour drive from most resorts takes you up into the dramatic mountains, where you can walk the pedestrianised sky bridge at the top of Mat Cincang and enjoy an eagle’s eye view onto the canopy. Whether you want to explore the island from a jungle chalet or laze in luxury on the beachfront, book holidays in Langkawi for a taste of the tropical. 


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Langkawi beach holidays

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