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Flights to Hyderabad

India’s city of pearls

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In a country as sprawling and diverse as India, each city has its own identity, culture and language. Hyderabad is another of India’s unique locations. It was once the global home of large diamonds, emeralds and natural pearls, earning it the nickname of the City of Pearls. It also has two official languages, Telugu and Urdu.

Fly to Hyderabad with British Airways and discover how the city’s traditional past has merged into a 21st century metropolis. You can still buy beautiful jewels from the marketplaces today, as well as embroidered fabrics and handwoven silk. Away from the shopping bazaars, you can discover more about the history of Hyderabad in the Salar Jung Museum. From the outside, the building looks glossy and modern, but there are artefacts here that date back to the 1st century. Don’t miss the Golconda Fort either, which is home to the ruins of palaces and mosques, and offers views across the city. Hyderabad is also famous for its biryani, so enjoy a hearty bowl of a recipe that's been made for centuries after a long day of exploring. Book your flight to Hyderabad today.

Our cheapest flights to Hyderabad from Berlin

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Hyderabad flight FAQs

How long is a flight to Hyderabad?

A flight from London to Hyderabad takes just under 10 hours.

What’s the cheapest month to fly to Hyderabad?

It’s cheapest to visit Hyderabad during monsoon season, however the weather at this time is very wet and can mean it’s not possible to be outside as much as you’d like to.

When’s the best time to visit Hyderabad?

The best time to visit Hyderabad is between November and February. Travelling here in winter means you can explore all the city has to offer in comfortable conditions. Summer temperatures in this region of India are sweltering, and the hottest months of the year are followed by monsoon season.

Is Hyderabad cheap to visit?

Whatever your budget, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Hyderabad. You can find free walking tours led by locals, which show off the city’s highlights. Alongside these, there’s street art to admire and museums to tick off that require just small entry fees. Grab lunch from food stalls to save at meal times, and stock up on your spice rack essentials before you leave the city. Flavours like turmeric and coriander are very affordable.

Is it easy to get around Hyderabad?

It takes about 40 minutes to reach Hyderabad from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport by taxi. You can also take a bus. The air-conditioned airport buses stop at various points in the city, and offer a comfortable transfer every 30 minutes.

Why visit Hyderabad?

See another side of India in Hyderabad. Marvel at sights like the Charminar, which could be compared to Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, the unforgettable Chowmahalla Palace, and the impressive Paigah Tombs. Plus, alongside the city’s antiquities, the Tollywood film studio – home to the Telugu language equivalent of Mumbai’s Bollywood – is based here.

Why fly British Airways to Hyderabad?

Sie profitieren ab dem Moment der Buchung von unserem herausragenden Service. Sie können nur mit Handgepäck reisen oder einen Tarif wählen, der 23 kg eingechecktes Gepäck und freie Sitzplatzwahl bis 24 Stunden vor Abflug enthält. An Bord erhalten Sie HEPA-gefilterte Luft und hochwertige Bordverpflegung und erleben die einzigartige britische Höflichkeit.

Entspannen Sie sich einfach und lassen Sie sich von uns auf der gesamten Reise betreuen.

Economy class flights to Hyderabad

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ab Berlin, September 2024

Wenn Sie nach günstigen Flügen suchen, bieten unsere Economy-Kurzstreckentarife die optimale Gelegenheit. Wenn Sie nur mit Handgepäck reisen, ist Basic Economy eine gute Wahl. Sie können alternativ auch einen Tarif wählen, der 23 kg eingechecktes Gepäck und freie Sitzplatzwahl bis 48 Stunden vor Abflug enthält.



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Business class flights to Hyderabad

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ab Berlin, März 2024

Club Europe ist unsere geräumige Business Class-Kabine einschließlich Premium-Menü und Priority Boarding. Wir halten den mittleren Sitzplatz frei, um Ihnen einen Fensterplatz oder einen Platz am Gang mit extra-persönlichem Freiraum zum Arbeiten oder Entspannen zu garantieren. Fluggäste der Business-Klasse haben auch Zugang zur Lounge im Flughafen.



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Hyderabad Travel Essentials


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