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Discover the paradise of Hawaii

Hawaii is almost synonymous with paradise, with contrast and diversity, and with natural beauty. Explore stunning beaches and tropical jungles, or head to the bustling cities of the coast – Hawaii is at once both timeless and modern.

The six major islands which make up the USA’s 50th state are made from millions of years of volcanic eruptions, which still create landmass to this day. Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii Island make up the range, with a few smaller ones not open to tourists. Each island has its own character, with beautifully diverse landscapes, unique experiences and even differences in pace of life. Visit the verdant forests and lush valleys of Kauai, check out Oahu’s lively nightlife scene in Waikiki and neighbouring Honolulu, experience epic surfing in Maui, or visit the lava fields of active volcanos on Hawaii Island. No one island will offer the same as another, but you will find that you are never far away from idyllic beauty and old world charm. Book flights to Hawaii to see these fantastic islands for yourself.

Hawaii’s major islands

Discover which of Hawaii’s spectacular islands suit your style – they all offer something unique that will create the holiday of a lifetime. Experience the distinctive flavours of Hawaii, from the tropical rainforests and pristine beaches to the famous surf breaks and unsurpassed variety of experiences.



Possibly the greenest of the islands, Kauai boasts some captivating waterfalls, slow meandering rivers and one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii – Hanalei Bay. This pristine sand paradise is often named one of America’s best beaches. See traditional life as it was when Polynesians first landed on the island around the Napali Coast, whose peaceful and secluded nature provides a true escape. On Kauai’s north shore, head to the Limahuli Garden and Preserve, to see endangered plants native to Kauai, amid traditional methods of agriculture. Or venture to the Lāwa‘i Valley, a 104 hectare site dedicated to Hawaiian botanicals – the largest collection in the world.



Oahu could be described as the party island, with the Hawaiian capital Honolulu, and its offshoot Waikiki, providing some of the best nightlife in the Pacific. Honolulu is a commercial and historic hub, with fantastic luxury shopping options and the only Royal Palace in the United States. And while Waikiki is a cosmopolitan tourist centre, it has great beaches perfect for sunbathing and surfing. You’ll also find Pearl Harbour on Oahu, steeped in history – visit the USS Arizona and the Pacific Aviation Museum. On the northern side of the island, with its big swells and the annual Vans Triple Crown competition, the North Shore is given almost reverential treatment by surfers across the world.

Molokai & Lanai
Molokai & Lanai.

Molokai & Lanai

While British Airways don’t fly to either of these islands, you could take a boat trip or a domestic flight to explore what’s on in Molokai and Lanai. The 45-kilometre coral reef off the southern shore of Molokai brings snorkelers in droves, which alongside the traditional way of life still observed, creates an interesting but simple holiday on the island. You’ll find even more relaxation in Lanai, a true tropical paradise island, surrounded by jungle and dramatic waterfalls. Go hiking along the Munro Trail up to the peak of Lanaihale to get a real view of Lanai’s diverse landscapes.



Maui is known as the ‘Valley Isle’, and is often voted the best island by travellers and journalists. Famous for its farm to table cuisine, and of course for the spectacular scenery and history of the Iao Valley State Park, Maui is ripe for adventurous holidays. Visit Wailuku’s charming ‘mom and pop’ stores, which have been in the family for generations – alongside the fantastic restaurants and bakeries. Maui also has some brilliant beach resorts, with endless golden sand and turquoise seas, and don’t miss snorkelling at the Molokini Crater – one of Hawaii’s largest marine ecosystems.

Hawaii Island, the Big Island
Hawaii Island, the Big Island.

Hawaii Island, the Big Island

An epic journey into the prehistoric past awaits you on Hawaii Island, also known as the Big Island. Active volcanos pour forth lava from the earth – Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983 – creating new landmass before your very eyes. The Big Island is big, as large as the other islands combined, so expect to find lush jungle alongside otherworldly lava beds, sandy beaches (of various colours), epic waterfalls at Akaka Falls State Park and breathtaking mountainous volcanos in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Don’t miss a trip to Maunakea, where the conditions for stargazing are possibly the best in the world.

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