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A Venetian story

Explore the winding alleyways, extraordinary palaces and canals of Venice – one of the world’s most enigmatic cities. See historic monuments from the city’s fascinating past, take a romantic gondola ride and eat exquisite cuisine in the many fantastic restaurants.

Holidays in Venice are captivating. Marvel at the Renaissance art found all over the city, especially the Venetian masterpieces at the Gallerie dell’Accademia. Visit the spectacular Piazza San Marco, where you can explore the Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica – two of Venice’s top attractions. Admire the beautiful bridges that criss-cross the canals, and get lost in the labyrinthine streets and squares. Alternatively, venture outside of Venice, to one of the many other islands, in particular Murano – where glassblowers still ply their incredibly skilled trade, who make spectacular vases before your eyes. Start your unforgettable trip now.

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Top tips for a romantic holiday in Venice

Known to some as the world’s most romantic city – what is it about Venice that makes us weak at the knees? Is it the wonderful hazy light, perfect at sunset? Or a stereotypical gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs? Whatever it is, here are some tips to avoid the clichés, yet keep the romance alive.

One for the early risers
One for the early risers.

One for the early risers

Those who like to start exploring earlier than the average visitor are in for a real treat in Venice. Head to St Mark’s Square early to beat the crowds and see the square in all its glory, then wander over to the Basilica at 9am for the sung mass. The otherworldly singing will start off your day in an unforgettably romantic way. Afterwards, cross the grand canal and stroll through the streets of Dorsoduro to find a secluded café for a quiet breakfast away from the mounting crowds of San Marco or San Polo. You could even stop in at the Gallerie dell'Accademia to see some Renaissance classics whilst you’re there.

Walk Venice’s quieter neighbourhoods
Walk Venice’s quieter neighbourhoods.

Walk Venice’s quieter neighbourhoods

The beauty of Venice is apparent on every street, on every corner, so don’t be afraid to visit the less popular areas. These neighbourhoods are both less busy and more secluded, creating an amorous atmosphere as you stroll hand-in-hand. You will also find some of the better out-of-the-way bacaro (local bars) which are a good way to hide from the afternoon sun, drink a glass of Prosecco by the canal and sample a few delicious crostini. Head to Cannaregio, north of San Polo to get a view of everyday Venice, through the sprawling streets and winding alleyways.

Cruise along the waterways
Cruise along the waterways.

Cruise along the waterways

Arguably the best way to see Venice is via the meandering canals and labyrinthine waterways, and it is definitely the most romantic. But avoid the clichéd gondola rides, and instead take a vaporetto (water taxi) for a cheap but equally charming route through the city. The Number 1 vaporetto winds its way through the islands from the airport to San Marco. For a romantic treat, head over to the Lido, as the views across the lagoon to the Italian mainland are not to be missed. Make sure you take a taxi during the sunset for a stunning ride along the most famous canals in the world.

Visit an island
Visit an island.

Visit an island

Venice is more than just the main group of islands, so take a water taxi to one of the outlying islands to enjoy a day in relative peace. Head to the Lido during the summer for beaches and beautiful resorts, or go to Murano for a retreat from the bustle of Venice. Sant’Erasmo is a sparsely populated island ideal for long walks along the fields which produce much of Venice’s artichokes. Or venture further to Burano, whose lively colourful homes are a breath of fresh air, and a nice way to spend a romantic afternoon away from the city.

Find a great spot for sunset
Find a great spot for sunset.

Find a great spot for sunset

Venice’s sunsets are legendary, and have populated the paintings of artists for centuries, creating a sense of timeless romance. We recommend finding a good spot away from the tourist crowds to enjoy the nightly display with your loved one. Travel to Giudecca, across the canal from Dorsoduro, or the stunning San Giorgio island, to see San Marco and Venice lit by the fading light. Or go to Murano, whose charming canals glisten in the pink hues, perfect for that after dinner stroll in the crisp evening air. For those not willing to travel, the Piazza San Marco comes alive at this time of day, but be warned it is very busy.

Discover the different areas of Venice

Explore the historic city, neighbouring islands and mainland of Venice

San Marco
San Marco.

San Marco

San Marco is the city’s unofficial centre, and a neighbourhood that most will associate as being archetypically Venetian. The number of iconic sights, including the stunning byzantine architecture of St Mark’s Basilica and the world-renowned La Fenice Theatre, will appease any sightseeing needs quickly. San Marco is definitely worth braving the high density of visitors, as its historic design and epic scenery is truly unforgettable. If you are here with a loved one, don’t forget the almost-compulsory sunset gondola ride, or stay at the romantic Gritti Palace overlooking the Grand Canal.

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