Transcript: Peggy and Leon

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Voice over:

"Can we let you into a little secret? See those British Airways planes landing there? There’s two extra special passengers on each one.

They’ve been hiding in our British Airways coat of arms for over 100 years. Say hi to Peggy the Pegasus. And Leon the Lion. Our very own SkyFlyers. I bet you didn’t even know they were there!

As soon as the plane lands, they’ll be ready to head off on another exciting adventure.

Let’s find out what they’ve been up to…

Looks like they’ve been in the French Alps. Leon loves the mountains.

Meeting new people and telling them all about his latest adventures.

There he goes again, flying high. What an adventurer!

Here they are landing in New York. Peggy loves it here.

She’s really curious and likes nothing better than discovering new places and trying new foods.

She enjoys solving problems, however tricky they might seem! Like helping Leon read the subway map!

Relaxing in hammocks in the Caribbean.

Checking out the markets in Morocco.

Sailing in the Red Sea.

Exploring the Colosseum in Rome.

Visiting the temples in Japan

All this travelling is a bit tiring...

– even for regular Skyflyers like Peggy and Leon

That’s when they jump back into the coat of arms on the next flight back to Great Britain and head for their beds.

After all, a new adventure’s only just around the corner.

Why not spend some more time with Peggy and Leon by downloading our SkyFlyers app."