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Tickets and travel documents

There’s a lot to think about when travelling with a family, from making sure everyone’s passports are valid (despite having checked it one hundred times already) to knowing what ticket to buy for your different aged children. Luckily, we’re here to help you from the moment you book until the moment you land.

Passports, visas and other documentation

Please check with the IATA Travel Centre that your passports and other travel documents are valid for your whole journey, before you travel.

Some countries' immigration departments require additional documentation for any children under 18 years of age, (whether they are your children, your grandchildren or children of friends,) who are travelling into, out of or transiting their country. The extra documentation that you may require varies by country and changes regularly so please check the country's embassy website for more information.

The IATA Travel Centre can advise you which documents are required for each country you’ll be visiting or transiting. Enter your child’s date of birth so that the extra requirements are displayed.

Check the IATA Travel Centre

Tickets for infants, children and young adults

These are the age categories we use when you make a booking with us:

Infants: 0 - 23 months
Children: 2 - 11 years
Young adults: 12 - 15 years
Adults: over 16 years

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When traveling with your infant (under 2), you have two ticket choices: 

  1. Your infant sits on your lap. You’ll pay an infant fare, which is a percentage of the adult fare.
  2. Your infant sits in their own seat. You’ll pay a child fare for this ticket. The infant must travel in an approved car seat or AmSafe System that fits into the aircraft seat securely.

If you’d like your infant to have their own seat, or to add your infant to an existing booking, please contact us and we'll be pleased to help you.

Find out more about family seating


Once your little one turns 2 years old, they'll be considered a child and will need to travel in their own seat. You'll need to book and pay for a Child fare.

All children under 14 years must travel accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or over. Anyone under the age of 14 won't be allowed to fly unaccompanied.

Young adults

We allow children aged 14 or older to travel alone with us on domestic or international British Airways flights. All children aged under 16 travelling alone must carry a printed copy of:

  • A completed parental/guardian consent form
  • Photographic identification of the parent/guardian who completed the form showing their signature

Parents or guardians can download the consent form and once completed, print it out along with a copy of their current passport or another form of photographic identification showing their signature.

Find out more about children travelling alone

Booking with partner airlines

If your journey involves travelling with one of our partner airlines, their rules for infants and children may be different and will apply. Please check the airline’s website or call your local British Airways office for the correct information.

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Infants who become children while travelling

If you're travelling with an infant who reaches the age of 2 during their journey, your child will need their own seat for any flights on and after their 2nd birthday. We won’t charge you extra; you'll only pay the infant fare for the entire journey.

This booking can't be made online, so contact us and we'll be pleased to help you.

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Making a booking for an unborn infant

If you know you want to travel shortly after you’re due to give birth, you can make your own booking as usual. Please contact us after your baby is born and we’ll arrange for your baby’s ticket to be issued. You must always have a ticket for your infant's journey.

Newborn babies must be at least 48 hours old and have been born without any complications before they can travel with us. However, we recommend waiting until the baby is one week old. If you plan to fly soon after your baby's birth, please check with your treating doctor it's safe for both you and your baby to travel.

If you had a Caesarean section or other surgery was needed during or after the birth, you can travel 10 days after, with medical clearance from our Health Services. We would advise that your treating doctor approve your travel first.

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Booking a child into a different cabin

You can book your child to travel in a different cabin from yourself. Just make your booking first, then contact us to make a separate booking for your child.

Children between 5 and 12 can be booked into a different cabin from you.

Children under 5 must travel with someone over the age of 16.

If you're a Gold or Silver Executive Club Member, your child can come with you into the lounge as your eligible guest, regardless of the cabin you're travelling in.

You should board the aircraft as a family, with your child. Once on board, your child will be directed to their seat in the cabin that they are booked into.

You, as the child’s parent or guardian, will be responsible for their health, wellbeing and behaviour, both on the ground and on board. Please ensure that your child understands that they must follow crew instructions at all times and make sure they have any necessary items with them before boarding as it may not always be possible for you to visit them during the flight.

Should your child need any assistance during the flight, you'll need to voluntarily downgrade to the same cabin as your child. We're unable to upgrade your child to the cabin you’re travelling in.

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