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Children's food and drink

Let us help you pre-order your little one's on-board meal, and guide you with bottles and baby food.

Children's meals

For short-haul flights, you can pre-order and pay for a Peggy and Leon snack box, including snacks, a drink and a small toy.

For long-haul flights, we've created a range of free children’s meals, which are nutritionally balanced and suitable for children who are able to eat solid food.

Please order your child's meal at least 24 hours before your long-haul flight, which you can do using Manage My Booking. Go to 'Special requests' and under 'Special meals' you'll find the 'Child meal' option.

When you pre-order a child’s meal, our ‘Feed Kids First’ policy means that your little ones are happy, so you can enjoy your own meal in peace.

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Infant meals

Bringing baby food with you

We carry some tinned baby food on our long-haul flights, but we recommend you bring your own un-opened baby food, sterilised bottles and any other equipment, in your hand baggage. Unfortunately, we're not able to sterilise bottles or provide sterilised water on board.

Airport security restrictions for liquids

Airport security will vary around the world, so please check what restrictions your airport has in place for carrying baby milk and food in your hand baggage. You’ll be able to take liquids through Security that meet the general restrictions. When you’re travelling with a baby, you may also take milk and formula in baby bottles, which can exceed the liquid measure restrictions.

Find out about liquids in hand baggage