Collecting Avios on hotels

Avios Hotels

Collect 10 Avios for every £1 you spend

Whether you’re looking for a chic city hotel or a relaxing resort, find the perfect hotel for your next getaway and earn Avios to boost your account.

With over 100,000 hotels from across the world we offer great prices with 1000’s of offers available every day. And when you book, you’ll collect 10 Avios for every £1 you spend.

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How to collect Avios

  • Click on the Book now link above.
  • Enter your requirements in the Search Hotel box.
  • Select your accommodation.
  • The amount of Avios you earn will be shown throughout the booking journey and at check out.
  • Avios will be credited to your account within 31 days of your completed stay.

Missing Avios

If your Avios have not been received in your account after 31 days from your check out date, complete the online form stating Avios Hotels as the non-airline partner.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible for this offer, customers must be a Member of British Airways Executive Club before making the reservation.
  2. Customers must book their stay via or by calling 0344 493 0747 (UK line) or +44 (0) 207 949 3086 (international line).
  3. Customers can collect 10 Avios per £1/$1/€1 on qualifying stays solely paid for with cash. The final Avios award will be based on GBP (£) value of the booking.
  4. Final Avios award is inclusive of taxes and fees paid upfront.
  5. Any additional costs paid at the property are not eligible for Avios.
  6. A qualifying stay is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same Participating Property, i.e. from check-in to check-out irrespective of the length of stay.
  7. Reservations paid for with Avios, in part or in full, are not eligible to collect Avios.
  8. Avios can only be applied once to the Member who has logged in to make the booking.
  9. Reservations will need to be guaranteed by an advance payment.
  10. Cancellation fees on all reservations will be applicable in accordance with the property’s cancellation policy.
  11. Avios will be credited to the specific Executive Club, account within 31 days of the completed stay.
  12. This offer is non-transferable.
  13. For any missing Avios queries, please complete the Claim Missing Avios form stating Avios Hotels as the non-airline partner. 
  14. Retrospective claims for Avios are not permitted. 
  15. British Airways with Avios Group Limited reserve the right to withdraw this offer or amend these terms and conditions without prior notice at any time, for whatever reason, and without any liability to customers for doing so.