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Car seats, pushchairs and children's bags

We know that travelling with little ones can involve a lot of extra baggage, which is why we offer a really generous baggage allowance. Children over 2 get the same allowance as adults, plus their essential extras, such as a pushchair and car seat. Infants also have their own allowance for the must-haves we know they need when travelling.

Hand baggage allowances

When you travel with us, children (aged 2-11) get the same hand baggage allowance as an adult. 

If you're travelling with an infant (under 2), you'll be able to bring an extra bag for them for in-flight essentials, which is included in your allowance. However, if you pay for a plane seat for your infant, they're booked as a ‘child’ and are given the same baggage allowance as an adult.

You can't combine your baggage allowances, so please make sure you double check allowances for each member of your family, plus size and weight limits for hand baggage.

Check hand baggage allowance

Checked baggage

Your child (between 2 and 11 years) will have the same free checked baggage allowance as you, which will vary depending on the cabin that you're travelling in.

If you're travelling with an infant (under 2), their free checked baggage allowance includes one standard 23kg bag in the hold, for all cabins. This does not apply when you and your infant are on a hand baggage only (Basic) fare, where there is no free checked bag allowance.

You can't combine your baggage allowances, so please make sure you double check allowances for each member of your family, plus the size and weight limits for hand baggage.

In addition, each infant and child, can take up to two of the following essential extras checked into the hold, even on our hand baggage only (Basic) fare:

  • Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller)
  • Car or booster seat
  • Travel cot
  • Baby back carrier
Checked baggage allowance

Pushchairs and car seats


Walking distances from arrival terminals to baggage collection vary across airports and some may be longer than others. To help you with the journey, we offer a service that returns your pushchair back to the aircraft door in certain destinations. There are strict parameters on the size of pushchairs, so please check below if your pushchair qualifies for this service

  • It must be a single piece, slimline, fully collapsible pushchair.
  • Maximum dimension size including wheels:
    Height 38cm
    Length 117cm
    Depth 38cm
  • If your pushchair is within the dimensions it will be tagged with an orange Return To Aircraft Door label, with your customer information included, before being placed in the hold. You can then collect it on arrival at your destination. Please contact the cabin crew for assistance.
  • If your pushchair is bigger than the dimensions it will not be delivered to the aircraft door on arrival. Instead, you can collect your pushchair on the baggage carousel in the baggage hall at your destination, along with your checked baggage.

Please note, the above service is not offered at all destinations, so please ask at check-in whether aircraft pick-up is possible.

Car seats

You can take the car seat on board the plane if you've booked a seat for your infant or child and intend to secure the car seat on board. Alternatively, your car seat must be checked into the hold as one of the two free essential extras allowed for children, even on a hand baggage only (Basic) fare.

Please check car seat dimensions and safety requirements so that you know your car seat will fit safely into the aircraft seat.

Car seat information

Little ones travel in style with Trunki

We’ve partnered with Trunki, makers of colourful ride-on suitcases and travel accessories, to create a British Airways Trunki named Amelia the Aeroplane. It features Peggy and Leon, our very special Skyflyers mascots.

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Doorstep baggage pick-up and check-in

Have your baggage collected from your doorstep, securely transported to the airport, and checked-in for your flight, allowing you to travel to the airport luggage-free and head straight to security when you get there. Available for flights departing from Heathrow, Gatwick, Geneva, Vienna and Zurich.

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