Submitting a proposal

Before submitting a sponsorship proposal, read the criteria British Airways use a when making a decision about new opportunities. 

Your proposal

Please include the following information:

  • What is the sponsorship opportunity?
  • What do you require from British Airways? (e.g. flights, cargo etc.)
  • When is the event?
  • Why have you chosen British Airways?
  • How does your proposal complement the British Airways brand and how does it meet all of our criteria?

If your proposal is for product placement or film sponsorship, you will need to include additional information.

Find out about product placement and film sponsorship

Projects we will not sponsor

Our brand is very important to us. We won't sponsor any film or programme that contains:

  • Extreme or violent themes
  • Politically sensitive or controversial subject matters
  • Themes damaging to our brand or the airline industry

Sponsorship criteria

We receive a large number of sponsorship requests. Each proposal is evaluated fairly against the range of criteria listed below. We will respond to each request individually following our evaluation. Check the criteria list below to see whether your proposal meets our requirements.

Britishness Has the sponsorship got elements of Britishness in its DNA?
BA fit

Does the sponsorship's values align with those of British Airways which are:

We are reliable — we keep our promises.

We look the part — we demonstrate a contemporary, understated style.

We demonstrate expertise.

We solve problems inventively and work flexibly within a framework.

We treat everyone as an individual and do not discriminate.

We are approachable — we are not aloof.

No-go areas

Our brand is very important to us. We won't consider sponsorship opportunities that relate to or contain:

Extreme or violent themes, including high risk activities or extreme sports

Politically sensitive or controversial subject matters

Themes damaging to our brand or the airline industry

Timing The sponsorship should allow at least six months' lead time for activation.
Current marketing strategy Does the sponsorship fit with BA’s current strategy?
Stature     Does the sponsorship have sufficient stature to be seen next to the BA brand?
Role Is there a distinct value-added role BA can play as sponsor?
Integration Does the sponsorship provide rights and allow multiple channel activation?
Exclusivity and stand-out Is BA the only airline/travel brand involved?

Methods of submission

Please submit your proposal to the following email address:


We will aim to respond to all proposals within seven working days of receiving your email.

Due to the large number of proposals we receive, we are not able to enter into individual discussions about each proposal. We will evaluate the proposal based on the information provided and contact you accordingly.