Additional Conditions of Carriage

Additional General Conditions of Carriage applicable to flights originating from or transiting in the territory of the People’s Republic of China (which excludes Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

Pursuant to the Chinese Regulation on the Management of Public Air Transportation Services for Passengers, the following provisions apply to flights originating from or transiting in the territory of the People’s Republic of China (which excludes Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), in addition to our General Conditions of Carriage.

Please note the relevant provisions on:

  • The carriage of pregnant passengers and those with medical conditions contained in our Medical Conditions and Pregnancy pages;
  • The carriage of passengers that require special assistance contained in our Disability and Mobility Assistance pages;
  • The carriage of children contained in our Family Travel pages;
  • The carriage of unaccompanied minors contained in on our Children Travelling Alone pages;
  • The carriage of animals contained in our Travelling with Pets pages;
  • How to make a complaint contained in our Complaints and Claims pages;
  • Transportation of baggage contained in our Baggage Essentials pages which set out provisions on permitted size, weight and quantity for checked and unchecked baggage, free baggage allowance, excess baggage fees and special baggage. Also note that you may declare a value for your checked baggage that's in excess of the standard applicable liability limits. You'll need to make this request at the check-in desk before you hand over your hold bag, and the excess value charge must be paid then/at the start of your journey. Under the Montreal Convention 1999, our liability for lost, damaged or delayed baggage is limited to 1,288 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) for checked and hand baggage: see further SDRs fact sheet. SDRs are an international unit of account, defined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), based upon the values of several leading currencies. The declaration of interest and liability raises the limit of our liability to a higher figure of up to 2,576 SDRs per passenger (the equivalent amount will depend on the rate of exchange of the currency used) covering flights operated by British Airways only. The currency values of SDRs fluctuate and are re-calculated each banking day. Limitations on the declaration of interest do not cover your return flight unless specifically requested to at the start of your journey. A declaration of interest is not an insurance premium. It raises the cap on compensation payable if we are legally liable for any loss, damage or delay to your baggage and does not automatically entitle you to recover the full sum declared in the event of loss, damage or delay. You can only recover for proven losses and damage;
  • Handling of oversold flights - Like other airlines, we sometimes sell more seats than are available on an aircraft because we know that some of our customers with reservations will fail to check in. Overbooking adjustments are helpful to both our customers and us because they enable us to accept a limited number of customer bookings that otherwise would have been refused on a full flight. Our flight control computer system provides detailed historical data on each flight to help us carefully control the level of overbooking. Since we're able to gauge the number of passengers who are likely to travel, it's rare for seats not to become available at departure. However, if necessary, we follow our overbooking procedures by soliciting volunteers at the airport to transfer to a later flight if it appears that we might not be able to accommodate everyone who is booked. If we have to ask for volunteers, we offer suitable compensation to those who accept to travel later. If insufficient volunteers come forwards, all passengers with seat numbers allocated are accepted for boarding and boarding priority for remaining passengers is determined by cabin and time of attempted check-in at the airport. Our denied boarding assistance and compensation provisions are detailed in our General Conditions of Carriage.

Last updated: 24 August 2021