BA Better World

Find out more about our journey to create a better, more sustainable future with BA Better World. Read our latest Sustainability Report, discover how we’re supporting our people while helping to reduce our impact on the environment and more.  

Welcome on board our most important journey yet

Flying is magic – one of humankind’s greatest achievements. It connects us with the rest of our world, brings loved ones closer together and opens our eyes to new experiences and cultures. It drives our economy, creates quality jobs and delivers aid when people need it most. But we recognise that flying comes at a cost to the environment and we need to take urgent action to tackle the impact it has on our planet. At British Airways, we’re on a journey to create a better, more sustainable future. We call it BA Better World.

It means we’re putting sustainability at the heart of our business. From creating a great place for people to work to reducing our emissions and waste and contributing to the communities we serve to build a thriving, resilient, responsible business. Our actions will help make a more connected world for everyone to live in and we're excited to bring together our people, our customers and our partners to deliver what we believe will be our greatest achievement.

Welcome on board our most important journey yet.

British Airways Sustainability Report 2022

We've released our 2022 Sustainability Report where you can find out about all of our achievements and results from 2022.

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Making British Airways a great place to work is a serious commitment we’re making to our people. We’re creating a workplace that’s diverse and inclusive, gives a sense of wellbeing and belonging and enables everyone to thrive

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Proud to be industry leaders in tackling our impact on the environment, we’re driving urgent action towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We're investing in the development of sustainable aviation fuel, zero emissions aircraft and enabling you to act on your emissions. Helping to reduce our impact on the environment, we advocate for respectful use of resources across our supply chain, eliminating single-use plastic and reducing food waste.

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Responsible business

We’ve created opportunities in the communities we serve and deploy our people and resources to help communities affected by crisis. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, we’re investing in quieter aircraft and operations to minimise noise.

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Help make a difference

Contribute to climate projects

Learn more about your carbon footprint and contribute to projects that have a positive impact on our planet.

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Donate to our Community Fund

Donate to projects that deliver life-changing opportunities for the people and communities we serve.

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