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"I’m Tom Kerridge, the chef and the owner of two Michelin Star and a one Michelin Star pub.

I absolutely love what I do. When you meet people who are excited about food and in this case, airlines and travel, it’s incredibly exciting.

This is an opportunity to showcase British produce, British cooking, fantastic hospitality, everything that I’ve been part of for the last 30 years, into a plane and showcasing it around the world.

We’ll start with the pie, a steak and ale pie and we use beer that comes from one of the local breweries here.

In this country, we’re very well known for our beef so it was an obvious point to start at.

And just try and make sure that you get the flavours of the herbs, beautiful stock in there, really nice bit of beef, British beef that’s cooked beautifully well, flakes away and we want to make sure there’s plenty of filling in there as well.

And then the sandwich range, so we’ve got kind of like a ploughman’s with a brie and a beautiful chutney through it.

And then we’ve got the ham hock and smoked cheese one.

We’ve got a lovely mayonnaise, we’ve got fantastic smoked cheese and beautifully flaked ham hock, it’s got this wonderful texture to it as well and the hocks when they’re cooked.

They contain so much flavour so it’s kind of taking that simple cheese and ham sandwich and taking it to the next level.

And then we’ve got the chicken and bacon sub, so the idea of something being in that lovely soft brioche roll for me is fantastic as it’s really lovely to hold.

The thing about it, that slight sweetness you get from brioche and the soft, doughy texture means that it kind of squeezes in whatever the filling is and that filling is chicken and bacon and you know, there isn’t much better than that as a sandwich combination.

And then obviously, we’ve got an amazing vegetarian option which is the spiced cauliflower wrap.

So, for me this is, even if you’re a meat eater, this is such a brilliant sandwich.

You’ve got these wonderful bits of roasted cauliflower and the spice that goes through it, you’ve got this lovely coleslaw, so texture, crunch, spice, flavour.

It’s super generous, it’s super tasty and it’s definitely very, very filling.

British Airways has a massive reputation and a very warm one, recognised throughout the world, that it’s great service, the food is always good; we need that food to always be good.

It may just be a sandwich, but it’s actually a very special sandwich that has had a lot of heart and soul and thought put into it, to make a cheese and ham sandwich that goes around the world.
Hello my name’s Tom Kerridge, we’re about to start our onboard service in Euro Traveller, serving a great selection of sandwiches and pies, I should know because I’ve made them myself."