Discover everything you need to know about our flight seating, from choosing your seat before boarding to exploring our seat maps. Plus, read about charges, refunds and any support you might need while travelling with us.  

Choose your seat

Make sure you get the seat you want by choosing it in advance using our flight seating plans. Plus, find out if you have to pay or you’re able to choose a seat for free.

Choosing a seat

Seat maps

Get an idea of each plane’s seating layout for each travel class and aircraft type before you choose your seat.

See the maps

Changes and refunds

All you need to know about changing your seat and when you can claim a refund for a seat you paid for.

Seating changes and refunds

Comfort aids and harnesses for children

Find out which devices are permitted to be used on board for children.

Approved aids and harnesses

Seat supports

Check our list of approved seat support systems and the cabins they’re suitable in.

Approved seat support systems

Travelling on partner airlines

If your flight number begins with anything other than ‘BA’ (e.g. AA123456X), you’re flying with one of our partners.

Please use the links below to find out about the seating options available with our partner airlines: