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Affiliate Marketing programme

Welcome to the British Airways affiliate marketing programme hosted on the world-leading affiliate platform. The platform will enable you to create tracking links, monitor your overall performance and withdraw commissions from a safe environment.

If accepted onto the programme, you will earn commission on a qualifying transaction, which is a valid flight, holiday, car rental, and or hotel booking made on ba.com. This must be within the cookie period and your link must be the last one used to direct the customer to make their booking on our website. Commissions vary by product, site type and region.

Perks of the programme

  • High Potential Earnings
  • First Class Technology Solution
  • Global self-billing option
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support 
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British Airways Holidays

British Airways Holidays is the dedicated tour operator for British Airways PLC, operating in more than 40 countries around the world, and is one of the UK’s leading tour operators, providing holidays to over 500 destinations to over 1m customers every year.

Offering a wide range of holidays, from simple hotel and car hire arrangements to more sophisticated customised packages, including multi-city options, the award-winning ba.com website provides the perfect one stop shop for all customers' travel needs.

Benefits of booking with British Airways Holidays

British Airways

British Airways, part of the International Airlines Group, is one of the world's leading global premium airlines and the largest international carrier in the UK. The airline flies over 180 destinations in over 70 countries and has operated for over 100 years.

As the UK’s flag carrier, we have a responsibility to help create a sustainable future for our planet, and we’re on a mission to be carbon net zero by 2050.

British Airways passengers travel in style and comfort from flights to New York to a business trip to Berlin.

Benefits of booking with British Airways

  • Flexible fares, price points and cabins
  • Complimentary food and drinks on all long-haul flights
  • British partnerships that include a Tom Kerridge developed menu for Euro Traveller passengers
  • Free seat selection within 24 hours of departure
  • A generous baggage allowance, or, on European routes and some international routes, customers can choose to book a hand baggage-only fare.
  • Collecting Avios on every flight

BA Better World

Flying is magic – connecting us to our world and bringing people, places and communities closer together.

We recognise that it has an environmental cost, which is why we’re taking urgent action to tackle the effects it has on our planet. This is our most important journey yet – one that leads to a better, more sustainable future.

Need to find out more?

We are here to help you and you should be able to access all the resources you need including merchandising ideas, graphics, links through the world-leading affiliate platform. Additionally, you can contact British Airways for more help by emailing us.

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Terms and conditions


  • Affiliates are not allowed to use brand or misspellings of brand terms in paid search activity. See our full paid search policy below.
  • Incentivisation of bookings through the use of cashback, voucher codes or points without prior permission from British Airways.
  • Use of software.
  • Category of affiliate partners to work with are, content affiliates, cashback websites, coupon websites, micro-influencers
  • Compatible with ba.com
  • Fully operational and functioning offering a streamlined customer journey.
  • Contain no offensive or controversial content

Use of BA and BAH logo:

  • You are able to use the ba.com logo on your site so your customers know they are buying from a reputable source, but you must not amend it in any way.

As an affiliate, you must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the programme. Please ensure the links on your website are kept up to date and we will take care of the rest. You can change and update your website links at any time, and it is advisable to update your links frequently. The global network is run using the Performance Horizon Group Remember to include your affiliate network tracking code in your links to ensure your sales are tracked and your commission is paid. You can monitor your commission daily by logging onto the PHG interface.