100 years of British Airways

On August 25th British Airways will be turning 100. We will be celebrating our landmark birthday by celebrating Britain.

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British Airways’ Centenary

Throughout our Centenary year we will be celebrating the best of modern Britain.

Our first series will showcase truly inspiring Brits who embody the best of our homeland.

They are the people who represent the values we want to celebrate and who make Britain the creative, open-minded, pioneering and welcoming place it is today.

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Gary Oldman

Regarded as one of the greatest screen actors of his generation. His illustrious acting career has seen him as Dracula, Sirius Black in the Harry Potter franchise, master spy George Smiley and in his Academy Award winning performance as Winston Churchill he has cemented his status as an iconic British legend.

“Britain has given me... a little chap called Winston”
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Olivia Colman

Equally at home in comedy and drama, Colman is a familiar face, and is fast developing an international reputation in film. Her performance as Queen Anne in The Favourite has been universally acclaimed.

“A cup of tea is a cure for everything”
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Paloma Faith

Known for her retro and eccentric style, Faith can turn her hand as a singer, songwriter and actress. From the moment she burst onto the music scene she has constantly pushed boundaries. Her first three albums have gone double-platinum, and the fourth, The Architect is heading the same way.

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Kate Devlin

Kate Devlin is an academic, writer and a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence investigating how people react and interact with technology. She is a pioneering force in the field of intimacy and technology, examining the profound impact emerging and future technologies may have on society.

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Jane Goodall

Jane is an outstanding British icon. An ethologist and anthropologist, Jane is considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees and has worked extensively on conservation and animal welfare issues. She was pioneering during the 60s by venturing into the forests of Tanzania alone, and is still leading the way in her 80s using her global partnerships with amongst others Leonardo di Caprio on the welfare of Great Apes. Jane continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of young people to make our world a better place for all.

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Nancy Harris

Nancy is a model, counsellor and amputee whose aim is to increase the representation of people with physical disabilities and learning difficulties in the media and fashion world.

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Nicola Adams

The first woman to win a boxing title at the 2012 Olympic Games and the first British boxer to successfully defend their title in 92 years. She has been named the most influential LGBTQ person in Britain.

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Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman was the first-ever British astronaut to leave Earth. She pushed the boundaries of science and space travel after answering a radio advert that said ‘Astronaut wanted. No experience necessary’. Helen will be touring extensively in this, the 50th anniversary year of the first moon landings.

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The Kingdom Choir

Best known as the choir who sang at the wedding of HRH Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. A Christian gospel choir dedicated to creating a sound that demonstrates the community they share. They have just released their debut album.

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Matilda Ramsay

This young chef has been on TV since the age of nine and already has her own cooking show and blog Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch. She has been nominated for Children's BAFTA three times and has inspired thousands of children to pick up a pinny and rolling pin.

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Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn co-founded Decoded, a technology education company up-skilling adults in data analytics, AI and machine learning. In 2014 she received an MBE for services to education in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours. A passionate advocate for getting women into the tech industry, she also successfully campaigned for coding as mandatory on the UK National Curriculum.

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Sannah Hussain

Sannah is a Volunteer Coordinator within the Islamic Charity Sector. She is also a radio presenter and producer who has Albinism, is partially sighted and suffers from an incurable muscle weakening disease. Yet despite this, Sannah spends much of her life advocating for equality and inclusion for people with disabilities and illnesses, and those from ethnic minority communities.

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Aneeta Prem

Aneeta is an author, international human rights ambassador and founder of Freedom charity. Freedom works to prevent forced marriage, female genital mutilation, child abuse and modern-day slavery. Her hard work was instrumental in ensuring forced marriage became a criminal offence.

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John O’Doherty

John is the Director of The Rainbow Project, Northern Ireland's leading LGBTQ support and advocacy organisation. The Rainbow Project deals with physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of the LGBTQ community. John is also a key campaigner for equal marriage in Northern Ireland.

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David Nott

Dr Nott is the ‘Indiana Jones of Surgery’. Working in London as a general and vascular surgeon, Dr Nott has also worked in some of the world’s worst centres of conflict and disaster zones. He has won several humanitarian awards and the David Nott Foundation aims to improve the standards and practice of humanitarian surgery.