Looking back at our most memorable TV advertisements

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This year sees British Airways mark its Centenary – and its new advertising campaign ‘Made by Britain’ celebrates 100 years of taking the world to Britain and Britain to the world.

Made by Britain

This year sees British Airways mark its Centenary - 100 amazing years of taking the world to Britain and Britain to the world. Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience, said: “Celebrating our centenary is a real milestone in aviation and British industrial history. This campaign is about thanking the amazing people who fly with us, work with us and partner with us. As it’s our 100th birthday, we plan to make this year very special for all of them – past and present - which is underpinned by our ongoing £6.5bn investment programme to deliver new aircraft, cabins, service and destinations. Our airline has been forged over 100 years. As we are inherently made by Britain it’s fitting that our campaign captures and celebrates everything great about our home nation.”

Home Advantage

British Airways sponsored the London Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2012, and this advert was created to encourage the country to get behind our athletes and give them an extra boost.


This integrated advertising campaign centred on the company’s redesigned coat of arms, with the tag line, ‘To Fly. To Serve’. The commercial at the heart of the campaign followed the history of British Airways aviators and planes, and was launched on Facebook.

Flat bed

British Airways set a new standard in the industry by being the first airline to install fully-flat beds in its business class cabin, Club World. Two ads were created to promote the Club World ‘Sleeper Service’ which is designed to maximise sleep for passengers on board - one featured a passenger going to sleep in Central Park and waking in Westminster and another features a passenger going to sleep in Times Square and waking in Piccadilly Circus.

Johnny Foreigner

British Airways recruited political satirist PJ O’Rourke to emphasise British eccentricities.

The Face

Considered a television commercial classic, and made by advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi, ‘The Face’ had a budget of $2m and was produced in Utah, with thousands of extras participating in the advertisement. Actors move in formation to create a face image before a British voice over reveals that every year the airline brings 24 million people together.

Supercare campaign

The airline launched an advertising TV campaign during the 1980s, which highlighted the lengths that cabin crew go to, to make sure their customers have a great journey.