British Airways Heritage Liveries

A very visual celebration of our centenary – four of our aircraft re-painted in heritage liveries.

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As part of our celebrations we re-painted a Boeing 747 in BOAC livery, which arrived at Heathrow in February. In March we received an Airbus A319 in BEA livery, a Boeing 747 in British Airways’ Landor and a Boeing 747 in British Airways’ Negus livery.

Tens of thousands of customers have now flown around the globe on the four heritage liveries, with the Boeing 747s having travelled to destinations such as New York, Cape Town, Dubai and Lagos, while the BEA liveried aircraft has flown far and wide across the airlines’ UK and European network to cities including Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Milan, Zurich and Amsterdam.

Speaking about the new look aircraft, Alex Cruz, our Chairman and CEO, said: “The excitement and pride that we’ve witnessed from customers and colleagues as these heritage liveries, which we painted to mark our centenary, have flown around the globe has been unparalleled. Social media has been fired up with images from travellers all over the world when they’ve spotted the aircraft.”

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