Check in with ...Tan France

The Yorkshire lad who made it big, Tan France is flying the flag for British style and wit on the world’s stage

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Last year’s release of Queer Eye saw the revamped show catapult to global sensation status – with the world quickly falling for the Fab Five’s fashion guru, Tan France. Known for his imitiable quiff, sharp suits, and straight-talking advice, here, the Yorkshire-born TV star reveals why his flights back home are a labour of love.

What has been your favourite travel experience?

These days I travel at least few times a week, so - luckily - there are probably too many great travel experiences to choose from! However, my favourite moments are always when I get on that flight back home to England.

Which country most sticks out in your memory?

It has to be China. I’ve visited so many times over the last decade, and no matter how long I’m there for, I always end up having the most wonderful time.

Where is on your bucket list and why?

Iceland; it just looks so otherworldly. My husband and I were meant to (finally) visit for his 40th birthday, but we had to cancel last minute due to Queer Eye filming. Still, I’m hoping to get there soon.

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“Crocs are a fashion no-no. Other than that, I don’t like rules.”

What's your go-to travel hack or packing tip?

A set of little, stackable jars, so that all of my lotions can get through security.

Where are your favourite places in the UK?

I’d say two of the places I’ve lived - my mum’s house in Manchester and Finsbury Park, London, where I used to live with my husband. During my high school days, I also spent a lot of time in Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, so that’s always kept a special place in my heart.

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“Stella McCartney or Victoria Beckham would be my dream BA uniform designers - they could definitely pull off a creative twist on the classics.”

What does being British mean to you?

To me, being British means the freedom to be who I want to be. It means inclusivity and acceptance. It means true democracy. It means home.

What does it feel like being part of the BA100?

It’s an honour to be a member of the BA100. If you’d told me last year that someone like me would be a part of this group, with everything that I am, I wouldn’t have believed you. I’m so happy that BA is so inclusive, and feel proud to be on the list.

What's your favourite memory of travelling with BA?

It was during a flight back to London from Salt Lake City (where I live) with my husband. The plane was new, the staff were so, so lovely and attentive, and the food was really good, too. Plus I got to spend over 10 hours, uninterrupted, with my favourite person.

Can you sum up British style?

It’s individual. The thing I love most about British style is that fashion rules aren’t important, and creativity is king.

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Where is the most stylish place you’ve ever been?

I’m going to have to say London. It’s the city I always feel most inspired walking around.

Who would be your dream designer to wear if you were part of the BA cabin crew?

Stella McCartney or Victoria Beckham - they could definitely pull off a creative twist on the classics. Personally, I would want to see something super sleek and navy.

What elements of your style are quintessentially British?

The way I wear a suit and have my suits tailored is definitely more British than American, right down to the length of my sleeves and the break in my trouser. I love to incorporate very British elements in to my more experimental, playful red carpet looks.

What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?

I wore a co-ord Von Dutch t-shirt, track pants and cap for my 21st birthday. In my defence, it was a hot trend at the time, but one that should never come back.

Is there such thing as a fashion no no?

Crocs. Other than that, I don’t like rules.