Check in with ...The Kindom Choir

South East London's soul-stirring, spine-tingling gospel group, The Kingdom Choir, gives extra resonance to a landmark birthday as British Airways celebrates 100 years in the skies.

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The magic hasn't stopped for this ensemble since their spellbinding performance at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. They are touring the UK until the end of May and here, choir founder Karen Gibson and singers Kelisha, Tyrone and Kemi enchant us with their fondest travel memories.

What has been your favourite travel experience?

Kelisha: When we flew to Australia! The choir performed at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in Sydney, in 2018. We sang an impromptu song on the plane which was so exciting and made the journey go a lot quicker!

Which country most sticks out in your memory?

Karen: Guyana, where my mother was born, From the moment I step off the plane, I smell the earth and see all the lush vegetation, I'm in my element.

Kemi: Hawaii! Simply because it’s the most idyllic country in the world.

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“Guyana most stands out in my memory. I'm in my element as soon as I step off the plane.”

Where is on your bucket list and why?

Tyrone: I’ve been to over 45 countries but there are a lot of places left! Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Iceland, Jordan, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and The Philippines among them!

Where are your favourite places in the UK?

Karen: London, Edinburgh, and Bath

Kelisha: London, Brighton and the New forest

Tyrone: London, Lake District and Nottingham

Kemi: London, Guildford and Windsor

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What does being British mean to you?

Tyrone: The expression of diversity in its many forms. My parents are immigrants who came to London in their childhood, with very different cultures and traditions. What I love about being British is that I am not alone in this reality. Britain and especially London. Is a place of rich and thriving cultures, stories and histories, experiences and triumphs.

Tyrone: Being British is the expression of diversity in its many forms

Where is your favourite London hangout?

Kemi: The Rum Kitchen on Carnaby Street: great reggae, soulful beats, refreshing cocktails and sublime Caribbean food.

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And for a spot of culture?

Kelisha: Probably Brixton, it’s so diverse and for me, it's the heart of London.

Who has been your favourite live music act?

Karen: I saw James Taylor in concert a few years ago. It was an education in live performing and brilliant song-writing.

Kemi: I saw Lalah Hathaway at Jazz Café in Camden. She was so incredible, I didn’t want the gig to end!

And finally, what lullaby would you sing to the new royal baby?

Tyrone: Amazing Grace or Hush Little Baby!