BA 2119

To mark our centenary we are celebrating the past and looking to the future of air travel in the year 2119.

Our project, BA 2119, focuses our attention on how we can address the challenges presented by the next 100 years – exploring the future of fuels that power aircraft, the future of air travel itself, and the future careers that will be required within the airline industry.

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Curio 2119 – A design by students from the Royal College of Art.

BA 2119: Flight of the Future

Our journey into the future of flying involves the publication of research, the development of a virtual reality experience – Fly – and working with the best minds in art and design to imagine flying in the next 100 years. This latter work, in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, culminated in an exhibition at London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery in August 2019.

For our BA 2119 - Future of Flying report, in collaboration with the leading data-led trends agency, Foresight Factory, we have developed a series of scenarios exploring what the customer flying experience will look and feel like in 20 years, 40 years, 60 years and beyond to 2119. These scenarios have evolved from qualitative and quantitative research across ten international markets, through workshops with public groups and interviews with experts from the aviation and aerospace industries.

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BA 2119: Future of Fuels

The BA 2119: Future of Fuels challenge, in collaboration with Cranfield University, was launched by then Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg in November 2018 and called on British universities to develop a new or different pathway to achieve global leadership in the development of sustainable aviation fuels. The airline posed the question of how to power a long-haul flight for at least five hours and produce zero CO2 emissions.

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BA 2119: Careers of the Future

We will be exploring the future jobs that will be required within aviation and how we can play an even greater role in inspiring upcoming generations into a career in this exciting industry.

More will be coming soon….

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