Volcanic disruption FAQs - frequently asked questions


Please see our frequently asked questions to find out what you can do if your flight was disrupted by the volcanic activity in Iceland.

Last updated: 14:40 28 May 2010


Information about making a claim from British Airways

I would like to claim my expenses, what do I need to do?


We have a dedicated Volcanic Ash Disruption team to handle claims from those passengers whose flight was cancelled as a result of recent closures of European air space.

We are receiving higher than usual volumes of correspondence and we are currently processing claims within 28 days of receipt.

Please do not resubmit your correspondence as this may lead to a further delay in response.

If your flight was cancelled and you have additional expenses that you would like to claim, we may be able to make a contribution to these expenses.

Please do the following:

  • send your original receipts by post to customer relations
  • include all of your flight and bank details in the letter

Address details for your local customer relations office

Will I get a refund on my cancelled flight if I decided to take alternative ground transport?


We will either refund you for the flight or for reasonable ground transport costs, but not both. This applies to bus, coach and/or ferry.

Can I claim compensation because of the volcano activity?


We will comply with our passenger care obligations (e.g. provision of meals, hotel accommodation etc. as appropriate) under European regulation 261/04. As these are  extraordinary circumstances British Airways is not obliged to pay compensation.

Notification of rights under EU Regulation 261/04

However, if you feel you have been disadvantaged please contact Customer Relations:

Email Customer Relations

I cancelled my booking to get a refund, how long does the refund take after the booking was cancelled?


We are currently experiencing large volumes of refund requests, so it is taking longer than expected to process your request. We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause. 

If I paid for my seat selection in advance, will I get a refund if my flight was cancelled?


Yes. You can claim your payment back using the online form, as it is not automatically refunded when your booking is cancelled.

Refund your payment for a seat reservation

Will I get my miles back if I was booked to travel on a redemption ticket but was downgraded?


Yes. Please contact your local service centre to claim the difference in your miles.

Contact your local Executive Club

British Airways travel insurance

Will BA travel insurance cover me for my expenses?


If you purchased BA travel insurance you are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy purchased.

My insurance company requires proof that my flight was definitely delayed or cancelled, who can I contact for this?


To obtain proof of a cancelled or delayed flight for insurance purposes, please contact Customer Relations.

Contact Customer Relations

Please provide details of the disrupted service(s) including booking reference, flight number, destination, dates and names of the passengers who were booked to travel.

What happens if I was stranded abroad as a result of the closure of UK airspace?


Provided you purchased your flight and insurance before you travelled you are fully covered as per the terms and conditions of the policy for as long as you remained abroad, provided that you took the first flight back to the UK that BA offered you.

If my trip was cancelled, can I claim on my insurance for any cancellation costs?


Yes. You can make a claim under the cancellation section of your BA travel insurance policy if your flights was cancelled. If BA confirm that your specific travel arrangements were affected, you can claim against your BA travel insurance policy for any flights, hotels, car hire or sightseeing that you were unable to receive a refund on. This is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy you purchased.

If I chose to rebook my trip, what happens if my new trip dates were different to my original booking?


If your new trip was up to 3 days longer we automatically cover this additional period at no charge. However if your revised dates were more than 3 days longer then an additional premium may be required.

I was booked to Nice but travelled to Orlando, which was a more expensive premium, will I pay more?


If this is allowed on the policy then you would be required to pay the difference in premium between the European policy cost and the USA policy cost, plus any additional premium if your new booking is more than 3 days longer than your original booking.

Will I need a new policy document if my travel dates changed or I require extended cover in line with your policy?


No, your current policy document will remain valid for your amended travel dates.