Safety and security

At British Airways the safety and security of our customers and staff is our highest priority.

For many years, we have been a leader in the aviation industry on security matters, and you can be reassured that we have in place some of the most stringent security measures in the industry.

We continuously work closely with governments and relevant authorities around the world to monitor and implement the security measures we have in place, and our policy is in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

As one of the world’s largest international airlines we have experience in meeting this task in many destinations around the world. We take our commitment to delivering a safe and secure operation seriously indeed, and would not fly to a location unless we felt it was safe and secure to do so.

British Airways security measures

We spend more than £100 million a year on security measures, which include:

  • screening of flying crew and ground staff
  • participation with government and airport screening of passengers and cabin baggage
  • extra hand baggage and customer searches at the gate
  • baggage and passenger reconciliation
  • security controls for cargo, courier material, mail and catering
  • searches and guarding of aircraft
  • a team of trained security auditors who carry out security checks worldwide
  • CCTV systems on all of our aircraft so the pilot can see who is outside the cabin door
  • 100% x-ray screening of checked baggage worldwide
  • installation of reinforced, bulletproof cockpit doors on all our fleet
  • security training for all airport and flying staff
  • background and criminal checks of all flying and ground staff

In addition to these visible signs, there is also a large amount of covert security in place to maintain our customers' safety. British Airways, the BAA and the Metropolitan Police meet regularly to confer on matters of security to ensure that the safety and security of our customers and staff is paramount at all times.

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