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Reward flight upgrade points

To see how many points you will require for a one cabin upgrade1, take a look at the table and example below.

Reward flight upgrades are available from:

  • From Euro Traveller (Y B H booking classes) to Club Europe.
  • From World Traveller (Y B H booking classes) to World Traveller Plus.
  • From World Traveller Plus (W E booking classes) to Club World.
  • From Club World (J C D booking classes) to First.

The Points levels set out below take into consideration the fare paid for the original ticket prior to upgrade.

Here’s an example to help you calculate the points you will need for a one cabin upgrade1:

If you want to upgrade a return World Traveller Plus flight to Club World from Dubai to New York, via London, you would need 18,900 points (9,300 + 9,600 = 18,900).

Eligible upgrade optionsClub WorldWorld Traveller PlusWorld TravellerEuro Traveller
  to  to  to  to
FirstClub WorldWorld Traveller PlusClub Europe
Routes between London and: 
Europe A
All European countries  including Jersey, excluding Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine
n/a n/a n/a 3,200
Europe B & North Africa
Algeria, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Russia (excluding Moscow), Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine, excluding Egypt
n/a n/a n/a 4,300
Israel & Russia
Tel Aviv and Moscow
3,700 6,100 4,300 n/a
Middle East
Includes Egypt
5,600 9,300 6,500 n/a
North America East & Caribbean
All North American routes excluding those listed under North America West
5,800 9,600 6,700 n/a
North America West
Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver
6,700 11,200 7,800 n/a
Africa & South Asia2
All African countries excluding Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.
Includes Azerbaijan, India, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Maldives and Sri Lanka.
8,400 14,000 9,800 n/a
Central & South America & Far East
Argentina, Brazil and Mexico;
China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand
8,400 14,000 9,800 n/a
10,800 18,000 12,600 n/a
Routes within:
Intra Caribbean routes
1,600 2,700 1,900 n/a
Middle East
Abu Dhabi to/from Muscat,
Bahrain to/from Doha
1,600 2,700 1,900 n/a
South America
Sao Paulo to/from Buenos Aires
3,200 5,300 3,700 n/a
Routes operated by Comair:
African Domestic (excluding Mauritius) n/a 2,700 n/a n/a
South Africa to Mauritius n/a 4,300 n/a n/a
Routes operated by OpenSkies:
Eligible upgrade optionsBiz
EcoEuro Traveller
  to  to  to  to
Prem PlusClub Europe
Paris (Orly) to New York (Newark) n/a 12,800 6,700 n/a


1 Points listed are for a one cabin upgrade on a return flight. Taxes, fees, charges and security surcharges remain payable on reward flights and reward flight upgrades.

2 Direct services between Australia to/from Singapore  will redeem at the same points levels as Africa & South Asia.