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Business: the unwritten rules of engagement

It can come as a shock to people who have carefully accumulated enough qualifications to paper a small room that success in business often has nothing to do with qualifications. Instead it seems to rely on far subtler rules. This explains how some people who are nowhere near as qualified as you end up in the office with smoked glass windows and an electronic stapler, while you sit in a cubicle next to the lifts. Shouldn’t that be you behind the smoked glass? Of course it should. Find out how. Read the Unwritten Rules: the career advice you won’t find at business school.

Pinterest. How a serious business tool got itself on the map.

Here’s the accepted mantra: social media platforms are good for business. You must have a Facebook or Twitter or Google+ logo on your website or you will not be taken seriously. Never mind that only four people have ‘liked’ you, nobody’s following you and you’re not really sure what Google+ really is. So is Pinterest a flash in the pan or will you have to add their logo to your website too? Well a year ago it was unknown. Now it has 11 million unique visitors a week and it’s a fantastic way to show off your products to a largely female audience. Sales driver? Most definitely.

Going undercover. The truth about investment advisors.

Do investment advisors always give us the best advice? Faced with the complexity of modern investment, the sometimes impenetrable jargon of financial offerings and a general feeling that we might make a terrible mistake if we do it ourselves – many of us put our faith and our savings, into the hands of advisors. But do they look after us, or themselves? Only one way to find out. Take four investment portfolios from high risk to ultra safe, give them to four mystery shoppers and let them loose among unsuspecting financial advisors. The results of this undercover operation make for rather alarming reading.

Relax. There’s a new larger lounge on the horizon for Glasgow.

Due to open early in the autumn of 2012, work on our new lounge at Glasgow airport is now underway.

If you or your colleagues regularly use the airport, you can look forward to a lounge that is twice the size of the current one – comfortably roomy enough for 140 guests.

The existing lounge is still open so there should be no disruption to your journey while we put the finishing touches to your brand new facility.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new lounge in the very near future.

Get the latest on our network and schedule changes this winter.

This winter will see us introduce a host of changes that we hope will make it even easier for our customers to choose British Airways.

For instance, we’re adding daily flights to Rotterdam from Heathrow Terminal 1 and three flights a week to Alicante from Terminal 5.

We’ve also added Dublin to our European routes and increased the number of weekend flights to Gibraltar for our leisure customers.

Customers flying long haul from Heathrow to Cape Town, Freetown and Riyadh will appreciate thoughtful changes to aircraft, flight frequencies and service. And from October 2012, we will operate a new timetable to former bmi routes Almaty, Amman, Baku, Beirut and Tbilisi using newly refitted aircraft.

Our long haul routes from Gatwick will also see service changes to many of our Caribbean destinations.

Mid haul flights to Cairo and Tel Aviv will move to Heathrow Terminal 1 and will benefit from the introduction of a new Business Class flatbed and a state of the art entertainment system on completely refitted A321 aircraft.

Click below for more detailed information on these and other changes to our winter 2012 schedule.