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Connexion On Business

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Booking instructions for agents

Travel agents: Please follow these simple steps to ensure client flights are tracked correctly and properly credited to the company’s On Business account.

  • Always include the company’s On Business account number when booking qualifying flights with British Airways, or with eligible partner airlines for employees. The company’s Programme Administrator or Corporate Authoriser can provide you with this information.
  • The entry can only be added to flights with a BA flight number.
  • Everything else remains the same - you just need to add the company’s On Business account number using one of the following entries (please leave spaces between letters where shown):

On Business Account Numbers

Amadeus entry SKBTOABAHK1-/ABC123US/P1
Apollo entry =:3OSI BA BTOB./ABC123US
Sabre entry 3OSI BA BTOB./ABC123US
Worldspan entry 3OSI BA BTOB./ABC123US
  • If a traveller is a member of the British Airways Executive Club, please continue to include their membership details in bookings.

Please note: Amadeus functionality requires that the entry contains a status and number in party.

Travel agent instructions for On Business upgrades

Important note:  Click here to fill in the travel agent upgrade request form. We will than send you an email with a ticketing authorization number and UPG code.

Ticketing instructions.

Once you receive the authorization number and UPG code you will need to follow the ticketing instructions below.

On Business upgrade awards:

  1. Enter the UPG code in the Tour code box.
  2. Enter the following in the Endorsement Box: upgrade award/valid BA only/void if sold/purch/bartered.
  3. Enter the authorization number and On Business account number in the Form Payment box or Endorsement box.
  4. Enter one of the following for the fare basis/ticket designator
             - Revenue fare paid/VCRUPG-World Traveller Plus to Club World
             - Revenue fare paid/VCAUPG- Club World to First
  5. Report to ARC using normal procedures.

Minimum fare levels required for North America to the UK:

World Traveller to WTP USA = Y2
Canada = Y2CA
(Booking Class = E)
WTP to Club World USA = WUS or W1US
Canada = W or W1CA
(Booking Class = R)
Club World to First USA = J1US
Canada = J1CA
(Booking Class = A)

For points beyond London which are not published in J, use the highest unrestricted Club World fare.

If a travel agency holds a British Airways PSA contract, any incentive payments apply to the original cabin of service sold (per the terms set out in an agency's individual travel agency agreement). No incentive payments will be paid on the upgrade portion.

Agents input the deal number (which will be emailed to you) in the Tour Code Box of the ticket for upgrade. Please note that this code is in lieu of the one specified in the PSA contract.

Terms and Conditions

  • Upgrade rewards must be booked 72 hours (3 business days) in advance.
  • Tickets must be validated on British Airways.
  • Only British Airways operated flights may appear on the itinerary.
  • Valid for use with full fare rates only.
  • All tickets must be issued and paid for in the US or Canada.
  • One way upgrade rewards are permitted but must be booked on separate tickets.

Please note: A company may redeem On Business for rewards only after a minimum of two employees have tracked travel on British Airways. Only the Programme Administrator or Corporate Officer or Travel agent listed on the account can redeem On Business for rewards on behalf of the organisation.