FAQs for ba.com on your mobile phone

Does the mobile ba.com service require any software?

No, the ba.com mobile service uses the browser that is included on many mobile phones. You should not need an additional download. There are however ba.com mobile applications available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones, available in their app stores.

Does the mobile ba.com service work with my phone?
The mobile ba.com service works with most phones on the market today. Your device must be internet enabled with an internet browser and you must have a wireless internet or mobile internet service plan to access mobile ba.com.
If you're not sure how to get to the internet from your phone or PDA, take a look at your phone's user manual. If you're not sure if you have an internet service plan, contact your service provider.
What can I do with mobile ba.com?

There are many useful features to make your travel easier. You can check real-time arrivals and departure information, use online check-in, select you seat, and even check your Executive Club details.

How do I access mobile ba.com?
In your mobile browser, type in http://ba2go.com which will take you to the mobile website.
Is the ba.com mobile service available in my language?
The mobile check-in service is available in the following eleven languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian.
Other services are available in the following five languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
I would rather use the normal ba.com site on my mobile phone, can I still do this?
Depending on the capability of your phone, you may be able to do so. You can visit http://www.britishairways.com directly from your browser, or click on the link in the main mobile menu.
There is more than one person in my booking, can I still use the mobile check-in service?
Yes. The mobile service provides the same functionality as the service on ba.com, therefore you can check in more than one passenger and for more than one flight in your booking.
What happens when I have checked in using mobile ba.com? Do I get my boarding pass on my mobile phone?

You will need the British Airways app, if available for your phone, to use the mobile boarding pass.

   Once you have checked in using ba2go.com there are four options. You can:
  • collect the boarding card at the airport from either a kiosk or a British Airways check-in desk
  • send the boarding card to a fax machine
  • email the boarding card for printing later
  • log on to online check-in from a computer with a printer when you can use one.
How does the ba2go.com service differ from the British Airways applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones?

The British Airways apps allow a more personalised experience, designed around what you will need to know at each stage of your journey. We recommend that iPhone, BlackBerry and Android users download the British Airways app from their mobile phones app store.