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British Airways plane.

British Airways in
New Zealand

British Airways, in partnership with
Qantas Airways offers a truly global network.

British Airways in New Zealand

  • Nearest British Airways operating cities to New Zealand are Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok,
    Hong Kong, Tokyo and Los Angeles.
  • Departures from New Zealand are on Qantas Airways flights to connect with British Airways at the destinations listed above, or on Cathay Pacific flights to/from Hong Kong.
  • British Airways World Traveller Plus premium economy is available on all flights serving the destinations listed.
  • British Airways customers travelling via Sydney or Hong Kong to London will have their bags checked directly through to London.

Auckland International Airport


The Handling Agent for British Airways at Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch is Qantas

British Airways FIRST/Club/Premier/Gold and Silver Executive cardholders may use the Qantas Club lounge, which is situated airside after Immigration and Customs.