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British Airways in India

British Airways offers you a choice of 45 flights a week from five key cities in India, to London Heathrow and the rest of the world. 

British High Commission, India

The British High Commission in India provides support and help for British Nationals visiting or living within India. Check out our latest Travel Advice, what to do when things go wrong and how you can contact us.

Changes to User Development Fee ex-Delhi

Effective 01 December 2011, DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) has increased the UDF for passengers departing Delhi on international sectors by INR 1300 plus service tax @ 10.30% per passenger after getting approval from AERA (Airport Economic Regulatory Authority).

This higher UDF is applicable for all travel on or after 01 December 2011 (irrespective of date of issue of ticket)

Increase in Service Tax on economy class travel from India wef 01 April 2011

The Government of India has increased the service tax on World Traveller, economy class travel from the present rate of INR500 + 3% Cess (or 10.3% of value of ticket), whichever is lower to INR 750 +3% Cess (or 10.3% of value of ticket whichever is lower.) Due to this, as against INR515 presently applicable, an amount of INR 773 will be applicable for any travel commencing India on or after 01April 2011 in World Traveller, economy class.


For tickets issued prior to 17 March 2011 for travel on or after 01 April 2011, the increased service tax needs to be collected. Please contact your travel agent incase of bookings made via the travel agent or British Airways on 1800 102 35922 (Mon-Sat, 0900 to 1800hrs) incase of bookings made directly with British Airways to pay the increase in the service tax amount.  

Changes to User Development Fee ex-HYD

Effective 01 November 10, HIAL (HYD Airport International Limited) has increased the UDF for passengers departing HYD on international sectors by INR 875 per passenger after getting approval from AERA (Airport Economic Regulatory Authority).

This higher UDF is applicable for all travel on or after 01 November 2010 (irrespective of date of issue of ticket)


For tickets issued for travel outbound till 31 December 2010:

Please be advised that increased UDF can only be paid at Hyderabad Airport & is being collected by Hyderabad International Airport Limited staff. Passengers will have to pay increased UDF before proceeding for Check-in. Passengers can pay by cash (INR) or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only)


For tickets issued for travel outbound on/after 01 January 2011:

  1. Fresh tickets* - The reservation systems will pick up the increased UDF of INR 1,875.
  2. For partly utilised tickets or resissue of a fully unutilized ticket - The revised taxes will be collected as per the new applicable UDF. Please contact your travel agent or British Airways on 1-800 102 FLYBA i.e. 1800 102 35922 to pay the additional airport fee on partly or fully unutilised tickets. 

          * For tickets issued on or after 03 November 2010.

Airline fuel charge (code YQ) from India


Longhaul Flight

Shorthaul flight




Club World (Business class)



Club Europe



Euro Traveller



World Traveller Plus (Premier Economy)



World Traveller (Economy)



Exception – a customer purchasing a ticket for a return journey from India to USA is levied a fixed airline fuel charge of USD314 irrespective of the cabin of travel.

Indian service tax (code JN)

A service tax of 10.30% (inclusive of cess tax of 3%) is applicable on all premium class travel i.e. FIRST, Club World (business class) and World Traveller Plus (premium economy).

  World Traveller World Traveller Plus Club World First
 Indian service tax* 10.3% or INR 773** 10.3% 10.3% 10.3%

* This is applicable on base fare plus airline fuel charge and is shown as a tax with the tax code JN. This applies to all tickets in premium cabins - FIRST, Club World and World Traveller Plus where the first international sector ex India is in these classes of travel.


**For travel from 01 April 2011, the Government of India has levied a service tax of either INR 773 or 10.30% (base rate 10% + cess tax of 3%) whichever is less, for travel in World Traveller, economy cabin.

Airport fees from Indian airports

Passenger service fee (code WO) - INR229

Airport development fee (code IN) from various airports







Airport development fee






* Effective from 01 November 2010.

Stopover charge for UK

Stopover charge - UK Air Passenger Duty

Destinations will be categorized into 4 geographical bands, based on distance from London to the capital city of the destination Country/Territory. Each band will have 2 separate charge depending on the basis of the class of travel.

Band Mileage

World Traveller

First/Club World/ World Traveller Plus

Band A –  0 to 2000



Band B – 2001 to 4000



Band C – 4001 to 6000



Band D – Over 6000




All Indian airports fall under Band C.


Airport taxes & fees from UK airports

Passenger Service Charge (code UB):

for International Departure - GBP21.22                                    

for Domestic Departure - GBP12.40            

Airport taxes & fees from main European airports

From Paris

Passenger Service Charge (code QX) - EUR10.03                     

Solidarity Tax (code IZ) - EUR1.00

Aviation Civil Tax (code FR) - EUR3.92

French Airport Tax (code FR) - EUR10.38


From Frankfurt

Passenger Service Charge (code RA) - EUR19.20

Airport Security Charge (code DE) - EUR6.55


From Geneva

Airport Passenger & Security Tax (code CH) - EUR20.50


From Amsterdam

Passenger Service Charge (code RN) - EUR14.52

Netherlands Noise Isolation Charge (code VV) - EUR2.00

Security Charge (code CJ) - EUR12.94


From Madrid

Airport Services Charge (code JD) - EUR5.25

Security Tax (code QV) - EUR1.82

Airport taxes & fees from US airports

US Customs User Fee (code YC) - USD5.50

International transportation (code US) - USD16.10

Arrival & Departure Tax (code US) - USD16.10

US APHIS Fee (code XA) - USD5.00

US INS User Fee (code XY) - USD7.00

US Civil Aviation Security Fee (code AY) - USD2.50

US domestic taxes (code XF) - USD4.50

Airport taxes & fees from Canadian airports

Canadian Air Travelers Security Charge (code CA) - CAD17.00

Goods and Services Tax (code XG) - CAD1.25

Airport Improvement Fee (code SQ) - CAD25.00