View of Kosovo.


Discover a unique blend of cultures in the Republic of Kosovo. This Balkan destination is a perfect choice for adventure holidays and cultural breaks. From the Sharr Mountains to the Mirusha Waterfall, there are many natural beauties to see. Kosovo is a gateway between central and southern Europe, the Adriatic and Black seas. Discover a wonderful mix of countryside and urban centres in this fascinating country. Book your flights to Kosovo today and plan a break full of beautiful sights.

Kosovo's natural wonders

Nestled in the heart of South East Europe, Kosovo is home to lovely landscapes and scenery. Natural wonders you'll love seeing in Kosovo include rushing rivers and lush valleys. River Luboten is a particular highlight. Stand at the base of Rugova Gorge to be thrilled by the canyon's inspirational depth. If you enjoy active breaks, the Sharr Mountains offer snow sports in a stunning setting.

Explore Kosovo's capital

Pristina, Kosovo's capital city, is also a fascinating place to visit. It fuses Illyrian, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman cultures with a modern attitude and outlook. Find out more about the city's past in the National Museum of Kosovo. Many of Pristina's old mosques date from the Ottoman Empire, making them a must see. The city is also home to excellent coffee shops and restaurants. Meat and fish dishes are well recommended, as is the local cherry juice.

Making the most of Kosovo's climate

Kosovo's climate ranges from heavy snow in the winter to balmy, sunny weather in the summer. Spring and August are normally cool, ideal if you like to hike or explore on foot. Choose summer holidays in Kosovo to enjoy the rare flora and fauna. Winter holidays are a good choice for ski fans, thanks to Kosovo's snowy peaks. Discover Kosovo with a direct flight or as part of a longer European holiday.

Top Kosovo attractions

  • Relax beside the Waterfall of the Drini River
  • Visit the Roman castle and Ottoman ruins of Prizan
  • Book a guided hike through Luboteni Mountains
  • Try Kosovo's unusual yogurt drink or a macchiato in one of Pristina's cafes