Check-in on e-ticket:

It is easy to check-in with an e-ticket. There are several options open to you

For more information on check-in including check-in times please click here.

What to bring with you:

  • For international travel a passport and visa, where necessary, is required.
  • For travel wholly within the European Union a national identity card is also acceptable, where allowed.
  • When travelling wholly within the UK, there is no requirement from British Airways to carry any photographic identification.
  • When travelling it is strongly recommended that you carry a copy of your e-ticket receipt throughout your journey. Some destinations may require you to show it as proof of travel at Customs and Immigration.
  • If you have booked directly with British Airways, either through or a British Airways Telephone Sales office, and you paid with your debit/ credit card you must present that debit/ credit card at check-in. This is to assist the check-in process and to provide debit/ credit card verification.
  • When using a Self-Service Check-in kiosk, simply insert your credit card (for identification purposes only) to begin the check-in process.


You must use your flights in the sequence that they are booked and show on your itinerary. If the outbound flight is not used the return flight will be cancelled and the ticket may become invalid. This applies to both paper tickets and e-tickets.