St George's Scenic Sunset and Historic Forts Trolley Tour


St George's Scenic Sunset and Historic Forts Trolley Tour

Enjoy a spectacular ride up to the most scenic overlook of St George's on an open-air trolley. Sit back and relax on the old-fashioned trolley as you enjoy magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea, sip a delicious local rum punch and watch the Grenadian sky turn from golden orange to dazzling pink. History buffs can broaden their knowledge with a guided tour of the forts.Enjoy a relaxing Caribbean evening in St George's on this sunset and forts trolley tour. The islands of the Caribbean are full of historic forts that were once used for defense, and Grenada is no exception. Board the open-air trolley, inspired by the old-fashioned steam locomotives of the early 1900s, and start your trip from Grand Anse, where the calm turquoise waters lap against the soft white sand of St George's beaches. Drive along the coastal road and enjoy the view. Ascend to historic Fort Frederick and Fort Matthew, built by the French in the 1700s to protect the town from attacks from the British. Guides will be on site for those who want a guided tour of the forts at an additional cost. Fort Frederick is perched on Richmond Hill and affords a magnificent bird's-eye view overlooking St George's, Grand Anse and Point Saline. Admire miles of green hills, with the orange-golden sun setting over the ocean. See the sky awash in marvelous colors and feel the warm ocean breeze as you sip a complimentary rum punch.


Admission to Fort Frederick and Fort MatthewA Grenadian rum punch (or water) Professional guide 

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