Flights to Puerto Rico

Colourful townhouses in Puerto Rico.

Our twice weekly flights to Puerto Rico will ensure you're able to enjoy its beautiful beaches with the minimum of fuss. Departing from Gatwick and flying direct to Puerto Rico, our service can transport you to the gateway of the Caribbean all year round.

To enjoy a luxurious San Juan break in a city featuring a wide range of accommodation and entertainment options - as well as 212 miles of beaches - book your flights to Puerto Rico today.

Your flight to Puerto Rico

Your flight to Puerto Rico will leave from London Gatwick Airport and arrive at San Juan approximately 9 hours later. You'll fly in comfort aboard a spacious Boeing 777 aircraft, and our friendly and professional flight attendants will be happy to meet your needs throughout the journey. 

Our flights to Puerto Rico also offer three different classes and ticket bands, meaning you'll be able to choose from Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller on your trip.

Fly BA on your Puerto Rico holiday

We offer two flights to Puerto Rico every week. Our flights also operate all year round, making it easier for you to reach this stunning destination whatever season you choose to travel. 

You'll find a number of connecting flights to Gatwick operating throughout the UK and we also offer airport transfers at the other end to help you get your Puerto Rico holiday started.

Choose your flights, hotels and experiences

Whether you hope to relax on the beaches of Puerto Rico or you're planning to take a cruise on your Caribbean holiday, you could save time and money by booking hotels or hire cars at the same time as your flight.

Fly to Puerto Rico in comfort and arrive ready to enjoy the historic city and luxurious beach resorts when you book your flights with BA.

Flights to Puerto Rico checklist

  • Organise transport or a transfer for your arrival 
  • Make sure you meet passport and visa requirements 
  • Check your travel insurance policy and bring your documents

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