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Claim details

Renseignements sur le vol

Please complete all items marked with astérisque rouge.
astérisque rouge.Flight number:       e.g. BA0009/QF0006
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astérisque rouge.Last name:
astérisque rouge.Référence de réservation
De quoi s'agit-il?
    e.g. YP8JQS

Family details

Do you wish to claim for family members in your booking?

  • You can claim for family members who have the same surname as you and have travelled on the same journey on the same booking.
  • A successful claim that includes other members of your family will result in a single compensation payment to you.
  • Each family member who requires a separate payment must submit an individual claim for themselves.
  • How can other people in my group make a claim?

Which additional family members do you wish to claim for?

 Title:First name or initials:
(as shown on your ticket)
Last name:

Conditions générales

  • I will only receive payment for this claim if it is the first and only claim made for each passenger within this claim for this flight.
  • I have permission from all other passengers named above to claim and receive payment on their behalf
astérisque rouge.I have read and agreed to these terms and conditions