e-ticket Receipt:
An e-ticket Receipt will be issued at the time of ticketing and contains all the information about your ticket. We strongly recommend that you retain a copy of your e-ticket Receipt throughout your journey when traveling internationally for security and immigration purposes. Some immigration officers may ask for proof of a return ticket, and the e-ticket Receipt can be used as evidence of this.

Although we send out the e-ticket receipt well in advance, there may be times when unavoidable delays do occur. In case you do not receive your e-ticket receipt in time you can obtain another copy.

Where to get a copy of your e-ticket Receipt:

An e-ticket Receipt will be issued at time of ticketing by your travel agent or BA issuing office. A copy of your e-ticket receipt may be obtained from your ticket issuer.
If booking by ba.com your e-ticket receipt will automatically be sent by email. You can also print your e-ticket receipt or request an email e-ticket receipt from Manage My Booking.
At the airport from a Self-Service Check-in kiosk (if using it to check-in) or at either the ticket desk or the check-in desk

All passengers can print a confirmation of their booking at Manage My Booking.