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The Executive Club is changing very soon and here are the most frequently asked questions and answers.

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Last updated: 3 November 2011

Your questions answered


We are renaming BA Miles to Avios, as it will become the currency for all loyalty and reward programmes owned by British Airways' parent company, International Airlines Group (IAG).

The value of your existing BA Miles will remain the same. The change is in the name and the increased ways in which you can spend Avios compared to BA Miles.

No. The Executive Club is still the Executive Club and the loyalty programme of British Airways.

Avios is the new name for Airmiles in the UK, which is rebranding in November. The programmes will remain separate, in the same way as the Executive Club and Airmiles are today.

No. The Executive Club, Iberia Plus and Airmiles UK (which will be changing to the Avios reward programme) will remain as separate programmes.

But Avios will be the shared currency across each reward and loyalty programme owned by British Airways' parent company, International Airlines Group.

Avios is the new name for BA Miles. The name reflects the valuable, global and distinctive nature of the currency that will offer members a more rewarding experience in the Executive Club. It is simple to pronounce and evokes travel and flight in many languages.

No. The value will not change. One BA Mile will equal one Avios in November 2011.

No, your BA Miles will automatically transfer across to Avios at a rate of 1:1, so 1,000 BA Miles will equal 1,000 Avios.

No. Your BA Miles will automatically change into Avios in November 2011.

As an Executive Club member, Avios will be the currency you earn from November. This does not mean you are a member of the Avios programme or scheme (Avios is also the new name for Airmiles). As such you cannot opt out (unless you are a member of Airmiles of course).

You can however, if you wish, opt to close down your Executive Club account at any time. But by doing so you will no longer be rewarded with Avios and recognised with Tier Points every time you fly with British Airways and our oneworld® partners.

No. The Executive Club is a separate programme, but the currency with which we reward Executive Club members will change from BA Miles to Avios in November.

Avios will be a common currency that is used to reward members in the Executive Club, the Iberia Plus and the Airmiles programme.

No. The change from BA Miles to Avios will not affect any existing bookings.

Yes you can make a change or cancel a reward flight, before and after departure.  A change/cancellation fee of £25 is applicable per passenger on the booking. If the change/cancellation is made off-line then an additional service fee of £15 applies per passenger. Gold members will not incur a change/cancellation fee.

No it is not currently possible to change non-flight reward bookings such as hotel or car hire.

Yes you can cancel non-flight reward bookings. A service fee of £25 will apply per booking cancellation, unless you have already been charged as part of a flight change in conjunction with a non-flight booking. In addition, you may incur further third party charges. If the cancellation is made off-line then an additional service fee of £15 applies per booking.

You are welcome to cancel and make a new booking. However, we cannot guarantee the same availability when you rebook. Cancellation fees will also apply.

Yes. You can cancel an existing reward flight and book a Reward Flight Saver. But you will only be able to book Reward Flight Saver tickets when they go live in November. And once a reward flight is cancelled, there is no guarantee there will be space available on the same flight.

Reward Flight Saver will be available on flights across Europe with British Airways and Iberia, and on shorthaul flights in South Africa operated by Comair.

Reward Flight Saver flights are only available to members who have earned or spent 1 Avios (or BA Mile) in the previous 12 months.

Some of the key routes that will require fewer Avios (BA Miles) are:
Milan, Prague, Helsinki, Cairo, Amman, Jeddah, Boston, New York, Bermuda, Toronto, Washington, Chicago, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Some of the key routes that will require more Avios (BA Miles) are:
Tel Aviv, Pristina, Catania and Mauritius.

At the time of launch in November there will be no additional partners that you can earn Avios with. The partners you can currently earn BA Miles through will remain the same – the only difference is that you’ll be collecting Avios.

We will be introducing new partners and ways to earn in the New Year.

We will be adding the Avios logo to the back of Executive Club cards from November. You will only be sent a new card if you have reached the end of your membership year and need to be issued with a new card in the normal way.

Airmiles UK is a frequent ‘buyer’ programme based in the UK that rewards members with Airmiles for everyday purchases with its UK partners. In November it will be rebranded and become the Avios programme and it will then reward its members with Avios and not Airmiles.

Avios will expire in the same way BA Miles do today. They will only expire when your Executive Club account becomes inactive. Your account will only become inactive if you do not earn or spend one Avios (BA Mile) in a 36 month period.

Yes you continue to have 12 months to retain your status.

When you reach a new tier level, you will keep your Tier Points and you can use them to reach the next tier, they will not reset at any time in your current membership year. For example, if you reach 300 Tier Points and earn Bronze status, you only need to earn another 300 Tier Points in your current membership year to get to Silver. Your Tier Points will only get reset at the end of your membership year.

Your membership year will stay the same every year. So if your membership year currently starts in January it will start on the same date every year.

At the end of your membership year, your Tier Points will be reset and you will start your next year. During your next year you will be able to retain your current tier or earn enough Tier Points for the next tier.

Tier points earned on longhaul routes, which originate or terminate in the UK, will be increasing from 16 November 2011. Tier Points earned on shorthaul routes will remain the same as they are currently and on Spanish Domestic flights only the Tier Points will decrease.

Originally it was much harder for those Executive Club members living in Europe to achieve the next tier status. However, since then we have introduced Tier Points on discount economy and increased the value of discount economy by 50%. Also, from November we will build on this by increasing the number of Tier Points awarded on longhaul flights, removing the Tier Point reset within the membership year and introducing the Bronze tier between Silver and Blue. Therefore, it is now much easier to achieve tier status and ensures we operate a global threshold for the whole of the Executive Club.

We are increasing Tier Points on longhaul routes from Europe. On shorthaul routes Tier Points earned will remain the same as currently and on Spanish Domestic flights Tier Points earned will decrease.

If you travel with us longhaul in Economy (World Traveller) today you will earn 60 Tier Points. From the 16 November this will increase to 70 Tier points and when you fly on routes over 6000 miles you will earn 80 Tier Points.

Tier Point changes for British Airways and Oneworld® partners

 Discounted World TravellerWorld TravellerWorld Traveller PlusClub WorldFirst 
 Tier Points you earn today3060 75 120180
From 16 November 2011
Tier Points you will earn357090140210
Tier Points you will earn on flights over 6000 miles4080100160240
Please note: Flights over 6000 miles are London to Tokyo (Haneda and Narita), Buenos Aires, Singapore




If you have earned over 300 Tier Points and flown 2 eligible flights or flown 25 eligible flights you will automatically achieve Bronze status on or shortly after 16 November.

Yes, we will be sending Bronze members a card.

As well as all the benefits you enjoy with Blue, the Bronze benefits include business class check-in, the ability to reserve seats for free from seven days before your flight departs, you will earn 1.25 Avios for every mile you travel with us, Iberia and American Airlines and you are entitled to all the oneworld® Ruby status benefits when travelling with our oneworld partners.

Yes, any Silver members who do not achieve Silver status within their membership year will be downgraded to Bronze.

All members who do not achieve Silver status in November will receive Bronze membership.

You will need 300 Tier Points and two eligible flights or 25 eligible flights to attain and retain Bronze tier status. You will have 12 months to achieve this.

No this is not the case, Bronze requires exactly half the Tier Points of Silver and as we will no longer be resetting your Tier Points to zero, you can continue the path to Silver.

Yes Bronze tier is equivalent to the Ruby tier.


Collecting and spending Avios


No. The number of Avios you earn through flights and partners will remain the same as the BA Miles you earn today.

If you happen to be a member of both the Executive Club and Airmiles, you can continue to collect in both schemes, if you wish to do so. We are looking to introduce a tool to allow you to combine some or all of your Avios into either scheme. We will communicate more details on this in future updates. 

At the time of launch in November there will be no additional partners that you can earn Avios with. The partners you can currently earn BA Miles through will remain the same – you will just earn Avios. We will be introducing new partners and ways to earn in the New Year.

When BA Miles becomes Avios in November you will be able to spend them on hotel accommodation. We will also be announcing how you can spend your Avios on car rental too. Both of these new ways to spend your Avios will only be available to book from certain countries.

You will also be able to spend Avios on our new Reward Flight Saver tickets.

Yes. The partners you can collect with are not changing – only the name of the currency you collect.

We will announce which hotel partners you will be able to spend Avios with when the currency is launched in November.

We will announce the details and rates of hotel and car rental partners who you can spend Avios with when the currency is launched in November.

Yes. All other benefits, such as the Amex Companion voucher, will remain the same.

No. Your Executive Club status will not be affected by the change to Avios.

Yes. You will earn two Avios for every £1 spent on in-flight purchases.

No. Just like BA Miles, Avios are not accepted as payment for in-flight purchases.