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Help when you need it

We are sorry your travel experience with us didn’t meet your expectations. Our Customer Relations team is waiting to help you.

Customer Relations can help with any issues encountered during or after your journey. If your question is about a trip you haven't taken yet, please contact Reservations and general enquiries


Lost or damaged bags

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Use this link to report a missing or damaged bag, check the status of an existing report or start a claim for expenses or compensation:


Contact us about damaged, delayed or lost baggage


If you have already submitted a claim, and wish to find out the latest status then please contact us:


Contact us about an existing claim


Complaints and other claims

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To make a new complaint or claim, please choose from the following options:


Call Customer Relations

Email us via our web form


To update us or check on an existing complaint or claim, please choose from the following options:


Update us on the phone

Update us by web form



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