Check in and board on time
It is important that you check in and board on time or you could miss the flight. We want to make sure you take off on time and get the best start to your journey.

Check-in times
Opening and closing times for check-in and boarding can vary by airport so it is important to find out the times that apply from where you are departing.

You can view the check-in times that apply to your booking in the ‘At the airport’ section of Manage My Booking.

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You must be in possession of a boarding pass by the time check-in closes, or you will not be accepted for the flight
Make sure that you allow enough time to complete the necessary security checks at the airport, and get to your gate on time

Where to check in
We recommended that you check in early through and print your own boarding pass before leaving for the airport. That way you get the best choice of seats as well as avoiding potentially long check-in queues.

Find out more about check-in

If you are unable to check in on, many of our airports have check-in kiosks, which can also save you time.

What are check-in kiosks?

Special assistance
If you have additional needs or cannot use one of the above methods of check-in, there are still check-in desks available at the airport.

Airport check-in
If you would rather check in at the airport, please allow plenty of time in case of long queues, particularly at peak times
If you are waiting in line and think you will reach the desk too late to check in, please make a member of British Airways staff aware

Baggage allowances
Make sure you’ve had a look at your specific baggage allowances before you get to the airport. You will find these in ‘Manage My Booking’ in the section called ‘My booking’.

If you have checked in online or used an airport kiosk, you will need to take your baggage to the designated bag drop desk in the check-in area at the airport. These desks are exclusive to those customers who have checked themselves in.

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Going through security
Please allow yourself plenty time to go through airport security checks.

Increased security at most airports means that the screening of hand baggage and body checks can take longer than usual, particularly at busy times.

Boarding the aircraft
Please have your boarding pass and passport (plus any other travel documents like visas etc.) readily available when boarding at the gate
You will need to show your boarding pass to the cabin crew when you board the aircraft
If you arrive at the boarding gate after the gate has closed you will not be able to board the flight