How many Avios do I need?

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Prices may vary depending on the actual route and airline taken to your destination.

Prices shown are the lowest based on a one-way journey, with up to one connection (on BA flights only)

How to use the Avios calculator

You can use the Avios calculator to get a price for British Airways and partner airlines. Prices are the same if both British Airways and a partner airline fly the route direct.

For flights on British Airways, the calculator can also give you a price for journeys with one connection.

For more than one connection, or for journeys which include British Airways plus a partner airline, you can calculate the price by entering the route and cabin for each flight you would like to book.

Payment Options

The price you pay for a British Airways, and our partner airlines flights, will be either:

  1. full Avios plus taxes, fees and carrier charges or
  2. Avios & Money on British Airways, and some of our partner airlines, plus taxes, fees and carrier charges.

Reward Flight Saver

Reward Flight Saver gives you a better deal on shorter flights with British Airways routes within zones 1-3. You pay with Avios or Avios & Money, plus a flat fee of £35/ €42.50 return for economy, or £50/€60 for business and we pay the taxes, fees and carrier charges for you. To be eligible for Reward Flight Saver all you need to do is collect one Avios 12 months before you book.

UK domestic connections

UK domestic flights are free when you connect through London to or from most destinations outside of Europe.

For example, if you book a reward flight from Hong Kong to Edinburgh, you will only have to pay the Avios for Hong Kong to London.

For destinations within or around Europe, UK domestic flights are charged the relevant Avios. The Reward Flight Calculator will work out if the UK domestic flight will be free or charged and will show you a single price for the connecting journey.

Explore where your Avios can take you

Booking with two or more oneworld® partner airlines

Prices are charged differently for flights with two or more oneworld partners, or British Airways plus two or more oneworld partners. You can find out prices for your journey using our table.

Avios prices for two or more oneworld airlines

Please contact your local Executive Club Service Centre to spend your Avios on Aer Lingus or Alaskan Airlines.