Flight information by text message

Mobile phone

Keeping you updated

Send us a text message to receive latest flight information on your mobile phone.

Our new text service, available for UK registered mobile phones, allows you to get up-to-the-minute flight information for yesterday, today and the next 5 days, direct to your mobile.

How to use the service

Simply text D for Departures or A for Arrivals followed by a space, the departure date of the flight (DDMMYY), another space and the British Airways flight number (BAXXX) to 60747.
If your flight departs today you don't need to add the date.

Example text messages

 D 250610 BA117 Departure information for BA117 on 25 June 2010
 A 150510 BA118 Arrival information for BA118 departing on 15 May 2010

Your text message with the flight information should arrive instantly, if it doesn't please use help.

Need help?

Text HELP to 60747 at any time and we'll send you details, free of charge, of how to use the service.

Mobile charges

  • The text service is charged at your standard network rate for texts you send, plus 25p when you receive a message from us.
  • Help or error messages will be free of charge.
  • Please note that if you use this service outside of the UK, higher network charges may apply.

Terms and conditions

1. All the information provided is taken from our real time arrival and departure system. However due to the nature of text messages, information may be delayed, incomplete or not transmitted. British Airways does not have any control over the mobile networks and therefore accepts no guarantee for the delivery of these messages or the corruption of information by third parties.  Any message not received will not be charged.

2. This service is only available to customers using a UK registered phone, non UK registered phones will not be recognised but still may be charged by their mobile network providers.

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